June 23, 2024

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James Webb Telescope images of Uranus show giant rings on giant ices

James Webb Telescope images of Uranus show giant rings on giant ices

The James Webb Space Telescope recently captured an image of Uranus, detailing the ice giant’s ring system, its bright moons, and its gentle atmosphere.

The observation made on February 6, On the heels of a similar image is the powerful telescope taken by the other icy giant in the solar system, Neptune.

According to a NASA press releaseThe new image of Uranus features “dramatic rings as well as bright features in the planet’s atmosphere.”

“Webb’s data demonstrate the observatory’s unprecedented sensitivity to the faintest dusty rings, which were only imaged by two other facilities: the Voyager 2 spacecraft when it flew over the planet in 1986, and the Keck Observatory with Advanced Adaptive Optics,” NASA wrote in a statement Thursday.

NASA’s Webb Telescope ‘Uranus has never looked better’ tweets from her social media account on Thursday.

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