May 19, 2024

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Javier Miele makes his debut on the presidential plane | Today he is going to California to participate in the Economic Forum

Javier Miele makes his debut on the presidential plane |  Today he is going to California to participate in the Economic Forum

President Javier Mili is finally going to make his debut. The President will be sworn in for the first time this Saturday to the ARG 01 presidential flight that would take him to Los Angeles, in America. It was an aircraft acquired during the Alberto Fernández government and which Minhay had said at the time would not be used for economic reasons. But the demagogic act of moving on commercial flights is over. It is very difficult to transport a presidential delegation and cannot change the agenda. That’s why you can now participate in a forum hosted by an international economic powerhouse without looking at the boarding schedule.

Thus, the President will travel to California where he has been invited to participate in the Milken Institute Forum. Promoted by the bankers, CEOs, businessmen and investment funds that make up the international financial powerhouse. According to Defense Secretary Patricia Bulrich’s recommendation to Miley, the official argument to explain the president’s decision to suspend scheduled flights should strengthen the president’s security. “This is not only for the protection of the president, but also for the people who may be traveling with him on the scheduled flight,” they said from Casa Rosada.

“The Ministry of Defense warned us There are some risks if the president continues to fly scheduled flightsSo he can no longer travel on commercial flights,” spokesman Manuel Attorney told a news conference after the escalation of hostilities in the Middle East led by Israel and Iran.

The ARG-01 presidential plane is a Boeing 757-256 that was purchased in 2022 during the administration of Alberto Fernandez for $25 million. It has a capacity of carrying 39 passengers and entered service in 2023. The Frente de Todos government, which included incumbent President Millay, has come under fire for the amount allocated to the acquisition of the plane.

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In early March, Milei announced the transfer of the entire presidential fleet, including ARG-01, to the Argentine Air Force. The stated aim was that the defense system should include not only the maintenance of the fleet but also the operational management; However, if necessary, Miley can continue to use these vehicles for transportation.

The next trip on the president’s agenda will be in June to meet with Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni ahead of the G-7, which hosts Italy this year. The meeting will be held in Apulia, June 13-15. However, according to media reports, Miley will travel earlier to attend a conference on artificial intelligence. The invitation to the conference would have come through Meloni after the Argentinian president’s meeting with Elon Musk in Austin, Texas.

The president plans to travel to Spain to receive an award and then to France for a possible meeting with Emmanuel Macron. Another destination on the agenda is Germany, another award and a meeting with Chancellor Olaf Scholes. Finally, he traveled to Ukraine to meet with that country’s president, Volodymyr Zelensky, who attended Miley’s inauguration last December.