April 23, 2024

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Russia-Ukraine war: An Argentine journalist takes care of his fighting guide’s daughter

Russia-Ukraine war: An Argentine journalist takes care of his fighting guide’s daughter

Argentine journalist in Spain சோல் மக்கலுசோ Has been closed for several days War in Ukraine. In a live broadcast on the Spanish Channel MediaSetThe Ukrainian guide who came with her throughout her coverage said she was asked to take care of her little daughter because she would fight for her country.

“I’m taking her, now she’s my family.”She said with tears in her eyes.

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The journalist told this story “Plan by Ana Rosa“, Conducted Anna QuintanaSoon his story went viral on social media.

The harsh story of the Ukrainian guide who gave his daughter to an Argentine journalist covering the war

In his testimony, McCulloch said he was taking care of the daughter of his Ukrainian guide, who had helped him get around Kiev, with whom he was now leaving the country to cross the border into Poland.

“It simply came to our notice then The family of my cinematographer and my mentor and they stay here“, He pointed out.

Refugees fleeing the war in Ukraine wait to board a bus in Palanka, Moldova (AP Photo / Aurel Obreja)

He added: “We have been together for a month and we have been sharing information throughout the day. It is very difficult for them to stay dependent to protect their country and their family. ‘Take my daughter and take care of her, take care of her no less’.

He wondered what you were going to say to him. “No words,” the journalist concluded.

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McCullough said, however, that they were not clear on how to leave the country. “That’s the hard part. We’m not clear, someone promises but I do not know how long. I talked to my family and our staff in Madrid and it will be until it takes over Now we have a bigger and bigger family”, He stressed.

The guide of the Argentine journalist Sol McCulloch will stay to fight for Ukraine

McCulloch, the girl’s father, told his production team’s guide during his war scene that he was armed to defend his country.

“He returned to look for his wife, to continue our work, staying in one of the houses where we spent the night, 40 kilometers from Kiev. What else, Their parents are still staying in the capital, but they do not want to leave the capital.Counted.

And he concluded: “It’s very sensitive and complex.”