May 24, 2024

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Javier Milei, Adjustment and Dangerous Unconditional Support for Israel | President's Agenda

Javier Milei, Adjustment and Dangerous Unconditional Support for Israel |  President's Agenda

Ramiro Marra returned to the post of president of the LLA in the Buenos Aires legislature

Legislator Ramiro Marra, who was replaced as president of the constituency by María del Pilar Ramírez a few weeks ago, will return to the Buenos Aires Parliament.

This (re)appointment was agreed by members of La Libertad Avança in the Assembly to avoid the departure of two legislators, Edgardo Alifrago and Sandra Rey, who are affiliated with national deputy Oscar Jaco from the Movement for Integration and Development (MIT) party. .

Milei will stop using commercial flights

At the recommendation of the Ministry of Defense, President Javier Mille will stop traveling on commercial flights for his transfers, spokesman Manuel Atorni said.

“They warned about the dangers. The president will use more official flights from here,” the spokesman said.

The IMF predicts 150 percent inflation and more recession

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) predicts that LArgentina will end the year with inflation below 150 percent The economy alone does not grow 2.8 percent decrease, a product of the adjustment policies of the Javier Milei government. All this in context Increase in unemployment.

It included a prediction of how Argentina would close one of the biggest decline years in the national economy World Economic Outlook It was presented today in the framework of the organization's spring meeting in Washington.

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Miley accused Foradori of drunkenly signing the contract for the Malvinas.

The former Magrista official will represent the Argentine government before international bodies in Geneva. He was the protagonist of one of the biggest diplomatic scandals in history when he drunkenly signed an agreement that gave Great Britain permission for commercial and hydrocarbon exploitation in Argentine waters around the Malvinas.

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Mabe fired 200 workers in the Cordoba city of Luque, which Miley won with 82% of the vote.

Mexican company Mabe, formerly Drean, has laid off 200 of its 900 workers at a plant in Luque, a city in Cordoba where Javier Milei won last year's presidential election with 82 percent of the vote.

The economic recession had a full impact on the sales of this factory, which is the biggest employer not only in Lucca, but also in several small neighboring towns such as Calcin, Zaganda, El Aranado and Villa del Rosario. The decline in sales mainly affected high-end products. Among them, washing machines, dishwashers and kitchens.

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The government confirmed Villela as head of the bioeconomy

Four months after taking charge of the executive branch, the national government today, by publication in the official gazette, has officially made the appropriate appointments in various areas, among them the Secretary of Bioeconomy, Fernando Villella, who was involved in continuous rumors. About his resignation from the Economic Cabinet.

The appointments were made through successive orders and the date of commencement of duties was fixed as April 5, 2024.

Approved by Villella Decree 310/2024 It also appointed Pablo Levin as Secretary of Industry and Commerce.

Lariora: “I think the president can trust the Constitution”

Córdoba's governor, Martín Lariora, said today in Congress there was a “climate of conversations” around the omnibus law, and stressed that he hoped President Javier Mili would get approval for the regulation in this case.

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“There is a broad consensus on this legislation that was presented in both the financial package and the May agreement,” the provincial president said.

In statements to the press while attending the annual CIPPEC dinner, Llaryora revealed: “We are in full agreement with the May agreement and there is very important progress towards legislation.”

Omnibus Act: The ruling party wants to meet on April 24 or 25

The House of Representatives will finish establishing its 46 permanent committees this week, and next week's vote on the omnibus legislation could return to a shortened version after a first attempt to get approval last February backfired. The next Wednesday, April 24th or Thursday, April 25th is the idea of ​​calling the venue.

With this goal, it is not ruled out that this Wednesday there could be a plenary session of the General Law, Constitutional Affairs and Budget and Finance Commissions, which were discussed during the extraordinary session.

Miley meets his cabinet

President Javier Milei will preside over a new cabinet meeting this morning at the Casa Rosada.
The meeting will take place at 8:30 in the Eva Peron room at Palcars 50.

One of the topics highlighted at the meeting was the current situation in the Middle East after Iran's attack on Israel and the expected impact of the escalation of violence in Argentina on both diplomacy and security and the economy.

Last Sunday, the Libertarian leader chaired a meeting of a crisis committee created to study Argentina's position in the face of Iranian military action against Israel.

Miley's militant bravery creates dangers

By Raoul Coleman

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Javier Millay's government, in the president's own words, had “Argentina on the radar for terrorism” and launched all the obvious and clumsy measures. In reality, that is not the case. At least until now.

Miley's provocations, the overreaction of the alliance with the US and Israel, the move to move the Argentine Embassy to Jerusalem, open the possibility of retaliation by some petty fanatics or even a lone wolf.

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