June 4, 2023

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Javier Millay’s “Trumpist” move when it comes to international relations and power

Far from being an isolated phenomenon, the growing role of the economist Javier Miley This coincides with the emergence of conservative figures in various parts of the West on the Argentine political scene. The leader of La Libertad Avanza is far from hiding his connections to the international right. Instead, it makes this link a banner when it stands against its main ideological “enemy”: “socialism”Under one umbrella he was the Trotskyist Left and The Horacio Rodriguez Larreta.

From his chat with the Brazilian Eduardo BolsonaroAs far as his alignment with the far right VoxIn Spain, it goes through the defense of controversial figures like the former US president Donald Trump, the presidential candidate who promises to “dollarize” the economy is personally feeding those terminals. As far as he could tell NationWithin La Libertad Avanza there is no formal event that unites all these links in a coordinated manner.

Javier Mille with Eduardo Bolsonaro

Javier did not go out of his way to become a member of an internationalAs the UCR does for the Socialist International or the International Center for Democracy”, the analyst and consultant assured. Alvaro Zigarelli, who was the libertarian leader’s foreign affairs adviser until November last year. Acknowledging the “affection, affection and admiration” of his former boss, Zigarelli assumed the post in 2021 when he became a national deputy from the Economist.

“I have the relationships I need to have”Last January, after being asked about the possibility of setting up a meeting with the Republican Party, Milei responded. Donald Trump. And he elaborated: “It’s clear that I have connections with the Republican Party, and it’s clear that I have an opportunity to connect with former President Trump.”

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Although it has no formal connection with Trumpism, Nation It can be seen that there are “technical” terminals with International Republican Institute (IRI), A Think tank American Republicans are devoted to shaping public policy regarding relations with other right-wing parties and foreign policy toward Latin America.

In fact, contrary to his reluctance to show himself in public with local leaders (in his words “caste”), Miley often participates in various political conferences outside the country. In June of last year, he was part of a team within the framework of the Brazilian edition Conservative Action Political Conference (CPAC)An event organized by Vice Eduardo Bolsonaro, one of its key regional partners. In the same month, in addition, the economist traveled to Colombia to lend his support to the “old man from Tik Tok”. Rodolfo HernandezA a foreigner A second round presidential candidate in the Caribbean nation.

Javier Milei, Eduardo Bolsonaro and José Antonio Cast shared a forum “Against Socialism” in BrazilAdvances in press freedom

“You must understand that socialism is not an honest enemy, but an enemy. Not understanding that it means taking the lukewarm positions that lead to higher levels of socialism until it leads to the dictatorship of the left.”, warned Millay at the event in Campinas, and which included the right wing and defender of the dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet. Jose Antonio CastOne of the surprises of the last presidential election Chili In 2021, he managed to win the first national competition, and then he failed Gabriel Boric.

Brazilian version CPAC – the largest conservative-right event in America since 1973 – the Conservative-Liberal Institute, another Think tank Promotion through son Jair Bolsonaro. The communication between Miley and the Brazilian leader took place during a visit to Argentina last October. Fernando CerimedoA political consultant accused of spreading false information about Brazil’s presidential elections last year has been involved in negative campaigns.

Javier Milei, Eduardo Bolsonaro and José Antonio Cast shared a forum “Against Socialism” in BrazilAdvances in press freedom

Site Manager Perfect everydaySerimeto condemned the irregularities in the electronic voting machines in the elections where he returned to power. Luis Inacio “Lula” da Silva. Earlier in the year, Miley joined those versions by noting that the neighboring country had “some serious problems with the issue of fraud”. It’s the same argument he used in the Democratic Party in 2020 Joe Biden Trump won the US election.

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“That’s why you have to be very careful what they do here in the electoral system.”, he warned on the occasion, in direct reference to the upcoming presidential elections in Argentina. His words came after episodes of recorded violence in Brasilia, where crowds of Bolsonaro’s supporters stormed the Planalto Palace and caused havoc. An almost identical reality to the invasion of the Capitol by Trump fans in January 2021.

Without a doubt, the most important international event in which the libertarian leader participated took place in Spain. Last September, Miley participated in a mass action by Vox, a party of right-wing reference Santiago Abascal. “Go fight the left hand, we’re going to win!”He teased those present at the end of his speech, standing in front of a lectern with the legend “The History We Made Together” in front of an eager audience.

Last year, the so-called Milei joined “Letter from Madrid”A notice advertised by Madrid forum Anti-progressive St. Paul’s Forum. A lawyer who was his running mate in Congress was responsible for cementing this connection VICTORIA VILLARRUELHaving a direct relationship with one of the founding members of Vox, notably the former leader of the party, Javier Ortega-SmithRepresentative of its most pro-Franco and ultra-conservative faction.

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Javier Milei shared an action with the Vox party in Spain

Spanish far right Vox It achieved a great election in 2019, reaching 53 seats in the delegation, more than double the number it had until then. The third political power of the country. One of its key strategies has been to promote anti-immigration rhetoric under the slogan “Make Spain Great Again,” which has fueled conspiracy theories about interference by Trump’s former adviser. Steve Bannon.

In this sense, when asked about Bannon’s image as a kind of “black saint” of the international right, Zigarelli denied having any kind of relationship with Millay. “I’m not aware of any attempts to link it”He said before Nation. “In the two years that I was actively involved, there was no relationship between Javier and what was known. MovementA place where Pannon is trying to build globally”, the consultant noted.

However, there is one campaign promise that directly links the leader of La Libertad Avanza to Trumpism: Move the Argentine Embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to JerusalemFollowing a controversial decision in 2017 by then-Republican President As Milei has promised on many occasions, she is First trip As president it would be that country in the Middle East. “One [por Dios] He made Moses break the first tablets of the law, and the first word he uttered was Jerusalem. That was the capital chosen by King David,” he argued.

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