June 1, 2023

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Today’s Ephemeris: What Happened on May 3 | Events in Argentina and around the world

In Ephemeris of May 3 These events that happened on a day like today in Argentina and around the world stand out:

1930. Juan Gelman is born

was born John Gellman In Buenos Aires. One of the great Argentine poets of the 20th century, his first book appeared in 1956: Violin and Other Problems. Topics like Got it, Bull rage, Wages of the wicked, Debug, There will be a country that was And Mundar. He had to be exiled and suffered the murder of his son Marcelo and his daughter-in-law Maria Claudia Iruedagoena, who was pregnant at the time of the abduction. In 2000 he was able to reunite with his granddaughter Macarena in Uruguay. He co-wrote with Oswaldo Bayer DeportationAnd with Mara la Madrid, There is no tender forgiveness from God. National Prize in 1997, he received and wrote the Cervantes Prize, the highest award for Spanish letters, in 2007. Page I12 Until his death on January 14, 2014 in Mexico at the age of 83.

1937. Nelita Pinon is born

The writer was born in Rio de Janeiro Nelita PinonFirst woman president of the Brazilian Academy of Letters. Daughter and granddaughter of Galicians, her family history is the subject Republic of Dreams. Published in 1984, the novel gained recognition outside of Brazil. Other Works: Bread every day, A wandering heart, Book of Hours, Husband’s shirt, An epic of the heart. He received the Prince of Asturias Award for Literature in 2005. He died in Lisbon in 2022 at the age of 85.

1951. Farewell to Homero Munsey

One of the most important tango songwriters in history has died: Homer Munsey. Born in 1907 in Anatuya, Santiago del Estero, a screenwriter and film director, but gained fame for his dialogues. He wrote many of the most famous tangos in history, such as “Sur”, “Malena”, “Bario de Tango” and “Milonga del 900”. He was also a member of Forja, a step before joining Peronism.

1968. French May

After several days of protests at the University of Nanterre, Eight students are coming to Paris to testify in court about clashes with right-wing groups at that institution of higher education. At the same time, police broke up an action in support of Sorbonne students. that night, The strike was announced by the National Union of Students and the Union of Teachers. One of the “Nantere Eight”, a sociology student named Daniel Cohn Benditt, became the leader of the student movement and joined the workers. The most turbulent decade of the 20th century reaches its boiling point with its events May 68. The strike paralyzed France and even canceled the Cannes Film Festival. Streets are barricaded and there are clashes with the police. President Charles de Gaulle announced legislative elections in June, a defeat for the left.

1992. Riots in Los Angeles

Three days Riots in Los Angeles. This is due to the acquittal of four police officers who assaulted a black man named Rodney King in March 1991. Anger at judgment creates backlash. 63 people died and more than 2 thousand were injuredAnd George Bush’s administration is mobilizing the military to crack down on racism, unprecedented since the civil rights struggle, and setting a precedent for the Black Lives Matter movement.

2007. Madeleine’s case

At the tourist hub of Praia da Luz in Portugal, Little Madeleine McCann is gone. The English girl was about to turn four and was on summer vacation with her parents and two younger brothers. The little ones were in a room while their parents were dining with others at a restaurant 50 meters away.. Around 10pm, the mother discovered the girl was missing. Litigation moves the world. Madeleine never came And countless hypotheses have been woven. Even parents are skeptical. Today a German man with a criminal record is suspected.

Except, that’s it World Press Freedom Day.

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