April 1, 2023

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Joe Biden added another awkward moment when he forgot he had already greeted a senator

President of the United States, Joe Biden, Then he was involved in a new embarrassing moment He shook hands with the senator seconds after greeting him. The unusual episode was revealed through social networks and users worried about the president’s health.

The incident occurred in the framework of a press conference held by Biden outside the White House on Tuesday, on the occasion of the signing of the “chips and science” program, which aims to promote the production of semiconductors in the national territory. Chinese industry.

During the last phase of the ceremony, and as the pictures show, the President gave his greetings Senator Chuck Schumer A handshake and seconds later Stretch again like you didn’t before. Biden realizes his mistake and takes it back, expressing concern.

Joe Biden added another awkward moment when he forgot to shake hands with a senator

This is still not an isolated incident. 24 hours ago during a visit to the state of Kentucky, The head of state was certainly distracted. As the president stepped out of the helicopter, he struggled to put on his jacket – which could be understood from the wind. finally, Had to help.

After a few minutes, some wishes fell upon him on the sun, and he had to stop for a moment, bend down and gently pick them up. These two embarrassing moments add to a long list that Biden has amassed since taking office, most of them in 2022, and have cast doubt on most American citizens.

The US president got off the helicopter and struggled to put on his jacket

In March, his video went viral Confusion about where to leave after giving a speech. It was within the framework of an act in support of war veterans that he had some difficulty finding his way out of at the end of his words. He quickly realized that it was not on the right side and stopped walking.

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there, He pointed with his hands at one of his collaborators, waiting for directions to let him know where to go. Finally, he came down from the stage and received instructions from a member of his entourage.

April is no exception. Wrapping up a speech at the University of North Carolina, he had a similar incident that stole the limelight on Tuesday: he congratulated a man even though he was completely alone on stage. then, He was known to walk aimlessly Around the living room

An embarrassing episode where Joe Biden lived in Fort Worth, Texas

Two months ago, in June to be precise, the President was also there Accident while riding a bicycle. The 79-year-old politician stepped alongside the First Lady Jill Biden Close to your vacation home Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, When he stopped to talk to those around him, he met with an accident.

According to people close to the US government, Right pedal stuck toe. The President was unhurt. However, he had to be assisted by security personnel who accompanied him during his walk. “I am fine”said after rejoining.

US President Joe Biden fell off his bike

After a moment of uncertainty, Former Vice President of Barack Obama He chatted for several minutes with people who had gathered to watch him ride his bicycle – which is why he stopped in the first place – before resuming the parade as if nothing had happened.