June 18, 2024

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Ignacio Gallardo, Argentine player shot for a dollar on Miami Beach, walks again and continues his recovery

Ignacio Gallardo, Argentine player shot for a dollar on Miami Beach, walks again and continues his recovery
This is how Argentinian Ignacio Gallardo is recovering in Miami Beach

Ignatius Gallardo, An Argentinian man was shot while chatting with a friend on Miami Beach In the middle of public roads, he continues to heal and his image is increasingly optimistic.

The 25-year-old from Tucuman uploaded a story on his Instagram account in which he shows a video of about 12 seconds. He takes his first steps at Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami.More than two weeks after the shooting.

In the audiovisual document, the young businessman walks a few steps next to two nurses, while receiving encouragement from two relatives, when a woman asks him “Are you feeling better?” A man on set passionately reveals: “Oh, Nacho, my God”.

“If you’re having a bad time, keep walking. Bad moment, not you.”

As such, Gallardo continues to recover from the internal injuries he suffered in the early morning shooting on Saturday, July 23., was chatting with a friend in the doorway of a rented apartment in Miami Beach. The incident occurred at the entrance of a corporation located at 8th Street and Michigan Court.

The young man was with a friend when suddenly a man approached them asking for a dollar. Both agreed, but Unexpectedly, the stranger took out a gun from his pocket and started shooting the young man named Tucuman.

The moment they shot a young Argentine on Miami Beach for stealing a dollar

The attack was captured on a security camera. From a house in the block. After the shots, you can see Gallardo there His right side falls on the steps they were sitting on And when he wakes up desperate to try to ask his friend for help.

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As a result of the gunshot wounds, Gallardo was taken to Jackson Memorial Hospital, a major public hospital in Miami-Dade County, where he underwent immediate surgery.

“They resuscitated him and took him to the hospital. He was bleeding. They opened his chest, and they opened it here to cut that artery. And then they operated on his stomach again.. Five operations are already trying to save his life”, the words of Father Fernando Gallardo, four days after the attack.

After a few hours, the young man noticed that his family situation had changed into a panorama, which at first had hoped for a miracle and then turned into a very hopeful situation.

“Right now, the only thing I can find is that the relevant operations have already been carried out and you have to go a bit further. It comes out little by little, we have to wait and see if it just heals”, assured his cousin Agustin Gallardo in announcements for the radio show El Scheizer.

Ignacio Gallardo is 25 years old and moved to Miami three months before the attack

Gallardo woke up from a coma on July 29 and had to spend a few more days on a ventilator. According to his family, He was completely lucky that none of the three bullets he received hit the spine or the heart.

for now, Suspicious No arrests were made by Miami Beach police after the attack Still running. The security forces of the American city issued an identity card with their appearance and physical data They announced a $5,000 reward for information leading to his whereabouts.

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Police have described the suspect as a white, Hispanic male between 28 and 32 years old, between 1.65m and 1.72m tall.. He is of medium build, dark haired and his main features are that he walks stooped and has a tattoo on the right side of his neck, below the ear, representing Chinese or Japanese symbols. He was last seen wearing a black jacket with two stripes on the sleeves.

Gallardo moved permanently to Miami months before the attack. Prior to this, he traveled to the Florida city on several occasions to establish a business selling flavored vapers.

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