July 13, 2024

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Joe Biden first met Pope Francis, who described him as “the best fighter for peace.”

Joe Biden first met Pope Francis, who described him as “the best fighter for peace.”

The Pope Francisco And President of the United States, Joe Biden, Met for the first time in Vatican And at the request of the President of the Catholic Church, they agreed on a series of topics that would be discussed at the next meeting of the G20 Conference in Rome, Italy. Climate Crisis and Assistance to Migrants There will be some of them.

The audience was alone between the two, and it lasted 75 minutes It took place in the personal office of George Percoglio. In the end, The Vatican called the speech “sweet.”. A good relationship that marks a turning point on what the relationship was between the Pope and the Donald Trump administration.

“There was talk of public commitment Protection and maintenance of the planet, Health status and Fight the Govt-19 epidemic, As well as the issue Refugees And this Assistance to immigrants. Security is also mentioned Human rights, Including the right to freedom of religion and conscience, ”the official statement said.

In this sense, the North American president “thanks for speaking out in support of the Vatican for the unjust arrests. Venezuela and Cuba, As well as pledged to continue to use their voices to defend personal and religious freedoms around the world.

But the main thing was in the contract Adding discussion topics to the G20 summit In the next few days. In this regard, the statement said, “International current affairs, in the context of the next G20 summit in Rome, allowed these talks to exchange views on certain issues. Promoting world peace through political dialogue”.

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The White House said about the meeting between Francisco and Biden

For its part, after the meeting in Rome, the White House issued a speech summarizing its views on the meeting. பிடன் “Thanks to His Holiness for His support to the poor and the suffering of hunger, war and persecution around the world.”.

It praised Pope Francis’ leadership, as well as his commitment to combating the climate crisis. Ensures end of infections for all through shared vaccines And a just global economic recovery. “

This is not the first time Pitan and Percoglio have seen each other, but it is the first time they have met as leaders. When he was Obama’s vice president, Biden was one of the promoters of relations between the White House and the pope, which was sealed. In 2015, Francisco’s historic trip to Washington.

Later, the US President met with Vatican Foreign Minister Pietro Parolin and Foreign Minister Paul Richard Gallagher. He thanked them. “Vatican’s radical leadership in the fight against climate crisis, Promotes and promotes climate neutrality for hundreds of Christian organizations around the world.

What Biden said to the Pope

During the trial, Biden told the pope: “You are the greatest peace fighter I have ever known”, As asked in the video of the meeting. Then came the shocking moment when Pope Biden, the eldest son of the late President of the United States, handed over a coin with the American stamp on one side and the Delaware on the other. Cancer at age 49.

“My son would have wanted you to have this coin.”Biden jokingly said, “Tradition says you have to pay for drinks if you don’t have it at our next meeting.”

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When Traditional gift exchange, A traveler to Pope Francis Fiden, gave his writings and a ceramic depicting his message for the Day of Peace.

For his part, the President of the United States has, since 1930, donated to the Pope a hand-embroidered chassis from the Society of Jesus, which belongs to the collection of the Holy Trinity Church in Washington. Biden goes to the masses on Sundays.