May 19, 2024

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Joe Biden signed legislation authorizing a multibillion-dollar military aid package for Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan.

Joe Biden signed legislation authorizing a multibillion-dollar military aid package for Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan.
President Joe Biden speaks after approving a $95 billion aid package. (AP Photo/Evan Woosey)

President Joe Biden He signed the authorizing legislation on Wednesday $95 billion in military aid Includes materials for that Ukraine, Israel And Taiwan It also has a clause that forces the social media platform to sell TikTok Or to ban it in the US.

“Today is a good day for America, a good day for Europe and a good day for world peace”The President said this while addressing the media after signing the bill at the White House.

Biden approved Immediate shipping to Ukraine $1 billion in military aid And said that exports will start coming “Next hour”, the first part of proximity $61 billion allocated to Ukraine.

The Pentagon soon announced a $1 billion package for Kyiv, including new financing Anti-Aircraft Defense Batteries and AmmunitionDozens of precision rocket launchers Himars And Hundreds of thousands of rounds of ammunition of artillery.

The announcement ends a long and painful battle with Republicans in Congress over emergency aid for Ukraine.

“We rose to this moment, we united, we achieved it”, he added. “Now we have to move quickly, and we're doing it.”

is in America Many military warehouses with weapons European NATO member states such as Poland and Germany, which are close to the war, are willing to offer Ukraine. Some of these weapons could reach the battlefield in the eastern part of the country within a week, the source said on condition of anonymity. The Washington Post American officials.

Launch of the Patriot missile from the launch pad. (EFE/YONHAP)

US arms shipments to Ukraine have been coordinated from Pentagon-held facilities in Germany since the start of the war in 2022.

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The weapons are much needed by Ukrainian forces resisting Russian advances and can be delivered very quickly Artillery explosives and 155mm projectilesAs well as Air defense.

The president attacked Republicans for stopping friends of Russian President Vladimir Putin from helping Ukraine. Iran, China And North KoreaDelivered drones, ammunition and missiles to Russia.

He also asserted that if the West had not closed ranks with Ukraine, NATO integration would have weakened and America's national security would have been at risk.

“As I have argued for months, this directly affects America's national security interests. If Putin wins in Ukraine, the next move by Russian forces could be an offensive against NATO allies.warned that

Iran's attack on Israel this month prompted the Republican speaker Michael JohnsonRemove the ban on foreign aid packages.

The measure Biden signed today included a provision that would give parent companies TikTok Based in Beijing, Bite Dance, It has nine months to sell or face a national ban in the US. The president can extend it once for 90 days, which would make the period for the sale a year, if he certifies that there is a path to “significant progress” toward the exemption and its implementation.

The administration and lawmakers from both parties have described the social network Concerns about national security are growing.

TikTok said it would launch a legal challenge against Congress' “unconstitutional” initiative.

“We believe that the facts and the law are clearly on our side and that we will ultimately prevail,” the company said in a statement.

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In addition to aid to Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan, the package includes Humanitarian aid to Gaza. Biden asked Israel to ensure that it “reaches the Palestinians” of the territory without delay.

“We're going to immediately guarantee and get that aid there, including food, medical supplies, drinking water,” Biden told a news conference, which he said was the population of Gaza. “Suffer cruelly.”