December 7, 2023

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Playmotor has launched a special promotion for next summer’s trips – tourism

Playmotor has launched a special promotion for next summer’s trips – tourism
In conversation with Rio Uruguay Newspaper, Costa commented that “Winter vacation is what it is, as opposed to summer, and we didn’t do it with much anticipation, and now we see that we have nothing to sell.”

And, he noted, “We estimate that from this week to next week we are going to sell even all the reinforcements that we make, which is why we decided to wait longer than usual to get rid of the summer season “.

Inflation and election year

In this sense, the person in charge of Playmo Tur pointed out that “above all, it is an election year and what is expected to happen at the economic level”. So – thinking about summer, he added, “the new theme we want to do is lower prices as if we’re going to travel next month, but travel in January, February, March.”

Costa commented that the first place they will start selling is southern Brazil. “Florianópolis and Laguna, there are weekly departures to these destinations starting in January, February and ending at the end of March,” he said.

The company has already started with two pricing systems, “one is cash – which obviously has an advantage, with a much lower price – and then a financed price 10 days before departure,” he stressed.

However, Costa announced that the idea is to add destinations within weeks. “This pre-sale consists of limited destinations for Florianopolis and Laguna, and then – next month or the next few months – we will add regular summer destinations such as Cambori or Capão da Canoa,” he explained. In addition to classic national destinations.

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in numbers

We are already talking about the numbers of this presale. The head of Playmo Tur said, “We are talking about 160,000 pesos per passenger for a trip to Laguna with a seven-night stay in a hotel a hundred meters from the beach; insurance with medical facilities, including transport in state-of-the-art units.”

In the case of Florianópolis, he continued, “it starts at about 190,000 pesos per passenger, but there are discounts and plans for family groups.”


Finally, Costa noted that – despite exchange and economic problems – the south of Brazil continues to be “our strong point”.

What’s more, he added, “That target has not decreased, but on the contrary and already post-pandemic demand has been gradually increasing year-on-year, so we estimate that it will be the same for this season as well.”