June 25, 2024

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Jorge Fontevecchia's response to Javier Mili for celebrating Perfil's bankruptcy

Jorge Fontevecchia's response to Javier Mili for celebrating Perfil's bankruptcy

In the last hour he shot and killed the owner of the editorial profile. George Fontevecchia and celebrated the earlier bankruptcy of the media company.

“He's going bankrupt, so … that's good!” Miley was delighted.

Fontevecchia's response was immediate.

“How strong, right? What we're saying to the president is that the military dictatorship couldn't break us; Menem couldn't break us with his 30 trials, the assassination of José Luis Cabeza couldn't break us; he couldn't break us. Néstor Kirchner setting zero official guidelines, you can't,” Fontevecchia said. said.

Miley's excessive provocation occurred within the framework of the Vice Chancellor's controversial statements. Bertie Panegas Lynch Regarding the compulsory nature of schooling for children

In this case, the President tried to tone down his legislator's controversial statements. “An absolutely unfortunate phrase, taken by a journalist who speaks pestilentially and wants to destroy space.”

After this, he started talking about databases and concepts: “They said we were going to steal data, things that didn't happen, and yet … I don't know. The 'Tinturelli' diary uses data to send you. Emails, for example, they don't send me things from their pamphlet anymore. I've already heard that many times, but the people at 'Tinturelli' keep sending it to me,” and he clarifies: “'Tinturelli' because it's scary, it's scary, no.”

Trying to get back to his story, he turns to the businessman in question, and between laughter and stony silence at Neura's study, he reveals a serious piece of information about the businessman in question: “That aside… but hey, he's on the verge of bankruptcy, so… that's good! “He was already bankrupt once, a businessman saved him, then politicians saved him, and now he's bankrupt because he has no direction.”