June 19, 2024

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Juan Mansour met with Barack Obama’s former defense adviser Dan Restrepo

Juan Mansour met with Barack Obama’s former defense adviser Dan Restrepo
Juan Mansur with Dan Restrepo

Don RestrepoThe former special assistant to Barack Obama and former director of Western Hemisphere Affairs at the National Security Council began a visit to Argentina on Monday. Speaking at the Argentine Chamber of Construction Annual Conference, It also had the participation of Alberto Fernandez among other leaders.

One of them is Chief Staff, John Manjur, held a private meeting with Restrepo before delivering his speech at the event. He was able to rebuild InfobayThe two leaders People who have known each other for yearsWelcoming each other very warmly, Cristina spoke about the situation in Argentina, which was affected by the assassination attempt against Kirchner.

However, the global reality was the impact of the Russian invasion of Ukraine and there was time to discuss A bipartisan possibility between Alberto Fernandez and Joe Biden, It was postponed after the Democratic president contracted the coronavirus and there is no scheduled date yet for it to take place.

Restrepo is an old acquaintance of Argentina and was a key figure in relations with the United States during Cristina Kirchner’s presidency, as she was in charge of organizing three bilateral meetings between the former president and Obama. But its influence also carries regional weight from time to time For the past 15 years, he has worked on issues related to relations between the United States, Latin America, and the Caribbean.

A former adviser to Obama during his speech at the Argentina Construction Council
A former adviser to Obama during his speech at the Argentina Construction Council

The proof is that before Obama became an official, he served as director America’s plan At the Center for American Progress, a program founded and directed at politics towards Latin America. He was the chief adviser on Latin American affairs in the Democratic Party candidate’s election campaign and spokeswoman in Spanish during the 2008 general elections.

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The son of a Colombian father and a Spanish mother, Restrepo has a historical fact in his long life: In 2009, he was the first person to speak a language other than English during a White House press conference.

In her role as special assistant during the Obama administration, she was responsible for arranging five trips to Latin America and more than 30 meetings with the region’s presidents. In addition, he advised former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, then-Vice President Joe Biden and other top officials during their travels and interactions.

This Tuesday, in conversation InfobayFormer Officer studied the impact The attack against Christina Kirchner in Washington and Alberto Fernandez mentioned reports about Putin a few months ago.

“In Washington, the assassination attempt on Christina caused rejection and concern., at a very tumultuous political moment in Argentina. So too much noise in the computer is a concern. There is a lot of tension in the world, and this assassination attempt has caused great concern in Washington. Not only in the context of Argentina”, maintained Restrepo.

Likewise, he believed that the relationship between Argentina and the United States was currently in good shape and focused on the need for dialogue with the entire region: “From the beginning of the Joseph Biden administration, there was a desire to build a bridge. The government of Alberto Fernández in three senses. Bilateral feeling for things to go well in Argentina. Responsible democracy in the region. There is also the regional factor that the White House and President Biden have sought to have a good relationship with the left.The third meaning or factor consists of indirect dialogue with those regimes and countries with which the US does not have a fluid relationship.

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Regarding Alberto Fernandez’s statements about Putin, he revealed: “From Washington’s point of view, this is an inappropriate comment. Fernández’s visits to Russia, like President Bolsonaro’s before the invasion, were viewed with some skepticism.