May 26, 2024

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Chile: Gabriel Boric Seeks Another Block Process | After the electoral defeat, the President started negotiations with the parties

Chile: Gabriel Boric Seeks Another Block Process |  After the electoral defeat, the President started negotiations with the parties

From Santiago

Integrates more “Disagree” (61.86%) was overwhelmingly successful compared to “Agree” 38.14%.Government Gabriel Boric As 7,882,958 Chileans have said, I woke up without such a clear road map No progressive constitutional textCollective, multinational and sought to reverse the authoritarian and pro-business rules it imposed 1980 Magna CartaThe Pinochet Dictatorship Currently in effect. Confusion and a lack of comprehensive self-criticism prevailed among members of the Constitutional Convention (with a right-wing minority) over a year of drafting the text.

Thus, people like Fernando Adria, a lawyer who emerged throughout this period, pointed out that “this was not the happiest moment I’ve had politically.” Right wing false propaganda. The bestSeller George Paradit said he is publishing a book about the experience. Former President of the Conference and representative of the Mapuche people, Elise LondonSincerely: “Failure based on individual and collective errors which postpones the recognition of the original people.”

Bachelet’s warning

In this morning’s political panel, Boric tried to keep the two ruling coalitions quiet: I recognize dignity (Broad Front and Communist Party) and Democratic Socialism (Socialist Party, Party for Democracy and Radical Party). Eyewitnesses of the meeting indicate that the parties will hold private meetings without the President to criticize their role in the debacle.

At this time Former President Michelle BacheletThe only former president who openly endorsed “I approve” said in a television interview, “It’s clear to many people, we have to read carefully, and I want to say the president’s statement. Last night completely reflected me”.

He was referring to Boric’s speech on Sunday night. “The people of Chile are not satisfied with the proposed constitution for Chile, so they have decided to reject it in the elections,” he said.

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“As the President of the Republic, I humbly accept this message and make it my own, that the voice of the people must be heard not only on this day, but in all that has happened in these intense years. That we lived. Don’t forget why we came here, the depression is still there, we can’t ignore it (…) I know they are looking for strong solutions to the insecurity, the violence in the south, the lack of housing, the increase in spending. Life, lack of care support, reactivation of our economy, eternal waiting lists in health, quality of education and low pensions. Addressing these critical and urgent challenges will require immediate changes in our governing bodies to face this new era with renewed vigour. You can rest assured that the road to a new constitution will never be blocked by the urgency you have raised for us.

One of the Chilean president’s first actions this morning was to meet with the President of the House of Representatives, Raul Soto (Party for Democracy) and Senator Alvaro Elizalte (Socialist Party) to reorganize this new process. The two, representatives of the former Concordia, coalition that ruled for 30 years after the return to democracy and during the social eruption of October 2019, were a major target of criticism for precisely maintaining the neoliberal system established by the 1980 letter Magnum. .

That is why it is not surprising that the silence of the two politicians, especially those who supported Elisault and his party, was especially “slow”. This is understandable: the new text proposed the decision of the Senate, the coronation of the old politicians and an eight-year extension. “We are in a moment of great political and social fragility, and it is the duty of all to rise to the occasion and assume political responsibility to lead this historic moment in which we live,” Soto said, adding that stability will be achieved soon. This avoids any other kind of crisis in Chile.

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Actually: The constitutional process was a political solution, led by Boric to the crisis a month after the “eruption”, when a million people had already marched in Santiago alone and police were shot in the eye, was reluctantly accepted by then-President Sebastian Piñera. Later, an exit referendum would be held, where almost 80% of Chileans voted for constitutional change. No one has a clear answer yet. In fact, Elizold was careful to point out what was to come: “The President of the Republic is going to bring together the various parties with parliamentary representation and listen to civil society actors and their views,” Elizold advanced.

So Boerik’s plan is to meet all week to define a new process, and while the right wing has spent all these months cheering on the need for a new “and better constitution,” National Renewal is the only one Boerik will meet with tomorrow. Try to speed up the process. The Liberal Democratic Union has chosen to wait a bit.

That is the only certainty for now There will be a cabinet reshuffle in the middle of this week And two central figures are rumored to have left: Giorgio Jackson, minister of the Czech press (the link between Congress and the administration), and Ischia Cichs, minister of the interior. Both did not live up to expectations but played a key role in the government’s success, a friend from the start of the 2010 university movement to his stint as vice-chancellor and an unexpected leader as the head of the second medical college. Important in the second phase of the campaign. A decision that leaves a lot of collateral damage in a government that is redefining its narrative by losing one of the pillars of constitutional reform.

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