September 26, 2023

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Justin Reed is already a Chiefs Defense Leader

Justin Reed is already a Chiefs Defense Leader

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The last time the Chiefs signed a free agent safety and who had recently played for the Texans, it worked out well for them. Kansas City added Teran Mathieu In 2019, he made three Pro Bowls and earned two All-Professionals.

Now, he replaces chiefs with Mathieu Justin Reedwhich signed a three-year deal worth $31.5 million, which includes a guaranteed $20 million.

After just 10 weeks into his tenure with the Chiefs, Reed is already the captain of the defense, which includes eight new high school players.

You earn it every dayReed said, via Nate Taylor of “In my league at the back end, your teammates (should) know you’re going to be where you’re going and handle your responsibility on the field. That’s what comes first. Your leaders have to be your best players, but your best players also have to be your most staffed.” Your seriousness. I live by this.”

Reid expects coordinator Steve Spagnolo’s defense to be the “most enjoyable defense” he has played. In Houston, he spent two years playing for defense coordinator Romeo Crenell, one for Anthony Weaver and the other for Luffy Smith.

Spagnuolo’s guide is deeper than any book he has with Texas.

“That’s because defense is so versatile,” Reid said of the Spagnuolo system. “Not only do we have, like, a hundred plays that we can plan, pick and choose which weapons we want to use against opponents coming in the future, but also take advantage of opportunities like this where you can play against our attack, which is undoubtedly one of the most firepower-packed offenses in League. When you play against these guys every day, it makes the whole team better.”

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