May 19, 2024

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Kenya sends troops to Haiti | After the constitution of the Interim Presidential Council

Kenya sends troops to Haiti |  After the constitution of the Interim Presidential Council

President of Kenya, William RutoHe said “ready”. Send troops to Haiti After the inauguration of the Interim Presidential Council, which was meant to temporarily plug the political vacuum in the wake of the criminal violence plaguing the country.

Ruto made the statements hours after the Haitian Interim Presidential Council was formed to replace the resigned prime minister's government. Ariel Henry. The new system has the challenges of restoring the country's security, taking hostages from armed gangs and organizing elections to elect a president on February 7, 2026.

road map

“Kenya is ready and committed to implementing the road map contained in this political agreement, with coordination A broad alliance of African and (Caribbean Community) CARICOM countries The security support infrastructure provided for in the UN Security Council Resolution should be implemented swiftly,” he announced.

The Kenyan president said the Interim Council has a “unified mission Act quickly to restore critical state elements “Needed to restore law and order and restore confidence to all Haitians,” the social network X previously indicated through his profile on Twitter.

“The swearing-in of the Presidential Council is an important step in Haiti's political transition. (…) Kenya pledges its full support to the Transitional Council as it guides the country through this difficult transition,” thus referring to the period. A state has no sovereignty over it.


A little over a month ago Nairobi announced a delay in deployment until transitional authorities are installed. Kenya leads the international security support mission in Henry, the International Security Assistance Force for the Central American country, in an effort to curb violence by criminal gangs. Requested by Henry's government, now out of power.

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Henry was promoted in 2021 after the assassination of then-President Jovenel Moise, but in March this year, faced with renewed violence that prevented him from returning to Haiti after a trip, he resigned and agreed to be replaced. By a seven-member body with voting rights and two observers. Michel Patrick Boisvert will serve as interim prime minister until a new administrator is appointed.

Order of the United States

The United States on Friday asked the international community to increase donations Funding to sustain security work in HaitiBy confirming that the crisis in the Caribbean is as important as the wars in Gaza, Ukraine and Sudan.

“The situation in Haiti is as important and critical as any other crisis in the world today and the international community must see it as such,” said the State Department's Latin America official. Brian Nichols, In a meeting with the international media.

According to Nichols, the United States appreciates the efforts of many governments to deal with the situation in Gaza, Ukraine and Sudan, but stressed that the situation in Haiti is also critical.

Joe Biden's administration paid $300 million For the future deployment of a UN-authorized and Kenyan-led multinational security mission to assist the Haitian police in combating the insecurity crisis. But America rates The project will cost between 500 and 600 million dollars.

“Countries around the world must contribute strongly to that effort, and we continue to engage our partners to be generous in meeting this challenge,” the official said.

Big challenges

Haiti's presidential transition team will face major challenges in the country's transition The failure of Henry's government, which recently resigned, failed to address the acute Haitian crisis during its 30 months in power.

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The body is aware of the challenges and the “dark outlook” acknowledged by interim Prime Minister Boisvert during the investiture ceremony held at two events this Thursday, one at the National Palace of Port-au-Prince and the other at the National Palace. The office of the Prime Minister is the first.

“Life is draining from our country because the situation is so serious (…) The situation challenges all the citizens of Haiti wherever they are. The situation raises us above ourselves and changes the paradigm,” he stressed.

The Haitian state's institutional structures, “weakened by decades of political instability, have suffered a spectacular decline. Not only the quality, but also the availability of public services provided to our people has been compromised,” he added. Regine Abraham, Council Member.

The interdisciplinary organization will handle five major projects Restoration of public security, national convention and constitutional reform, holding democratic, credible and participatory general elections; Restore justice, rule of law and fundamental rights of citizens and achieve institutional and economic recovery.

Security reset

The country's security situation began to deteriorate in 2018, with kidnappings, armed attacks, rapes and robberies against civilians carried out by armed groups, which committed at least 20 massacres. The situation worsened with Moise's assassination in July 2021.

The gangs are gaining power, acquiring more weapons and ammunition, and last February they came together to form the “Vivre Group” (Living Together) criminal alliance led by a former police officer. Jimmy Ceresier, Barbecue, who ordered the “revolution” that forced Henry from power.

Since February, their violence has intensified. Destruction of prisons, hospitals, police stations, dispensaries and houses, looting of private and public institutions, Actions that affected all sections of society.

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Dead and Displaced

In the first three months of the year, According to United Nations figures, at least 2,505 people have been killed or injured, and more than 90,200 people have been displaced. In the Port-au-Prince metropolitan area, 85 locations live in inhumane conditions, with at least 80% controlled by armed gangs.

Restoring security is an essential condition for achieving all other objectives, which means destruction 200 to 300 armed gangs operating in the country, Among other things, it prevents the free movement of people and goods.

Economic recovery is impossible without restoring stability and security, which includes strengthening the Haitian National Police.