February 29, 2024

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A video of cheating in the middle of a wedding that shocked the guests has gone viral again

A video of cheating in the middle of a wedding that shocked the guests has gone viral again

A lover who betrayed his partner He decided to take revenge In a controversial way, in the middle of his wedding in Fujian Province, China. The clip first went viral in 2019, but was recently re-shared on TikTok. By @ accountCoolprince33, which has already garnered nearly six million views and thousands of comments from angry viewers. The bride hoped that this would be the beginning of a happy life, but she experienced one of the most embarrassing moments of her life.

When did this scam happen? The couple entered the hall where the wedding reception was to take place and went to the stage. At a certain moment in the middle of the reception, it was announced that a video of the two most beautiful moments of their previous two years of dating would be shown on a giant screen. However, instead of those images, The screen showed a video of the girlfriend having an intimate relationship with another manThat Confused the guests.

This is the moment they reveal an infidelity in the middle of a marriage

The man carried out his plan: he installed a series of security cameras in the house he shared with his then-girlfriend. When the woman cheated on him, he thought they had broken up, hoping he would have no witnesses at that time. However, her partner not only saw it all, but saved it for revenge on the wedding day.

To make matters worse, according to Chinese media, The man she cheated on with her fiancé was her pregnant sister’s husband, that is, with his brother-in-law. It is not known if she found out that day or if she was also an accomplice in the revenge.

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The video left the guests in awe Insults by relatives. The bridegroom shouted to the bride:You thought I didn’t know?”, she furiously threw the bouquet at him and pounced on him. The family had to separate them.

This video, which was posted on YouTube a few years ago, has already been viewed by millions of people. However, Opinions are divided among the site and TikTok viewers: There are those who support the way the boyfriend exposed his partner, while others feel that it has gone too far and the matter should have been resolved privately.

Some TikTokers They left their opinions and criticisms for the exposed treachery: “Wow, she made her parents spend all that money on the wedding”; “He had the nerve to get angry like a victim (girlfriend)”; “The video stopped before the best part. I need more chaos”; “I work in wedding catering, I wish I worked in that”; “Maybe he found out too late, he should have done it before he paid for the whole wedding.”

The moment when the groom exposes his wife’s infidelity at the wedding@koolprince33/TikTok

Australian portal Body and soul Another couple’s case spread, where the woman discovered that her boyfriend had been unfaithful. On the day of the wedding, instead of a wedding feast, he declared that everyone should participate in a “celebration of honesty.” The girlfriend, identified as Casey, started reading messages days before the expected date, warning her fiancé Alex was cheating on her. To avoid suspicion, he invited the girl to the party and surprised everyone.

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