February 23, 2024

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King Charles III of England has cancer

King Charles III of England has cancer
King Charles is suffering from cancer (REUTERS/Hollie Adams)Reuters

Buckingham Palace said on Monday King Charles III was diagnosed with an unknown type of cancer. As the British Crown pointed out in a statement, The King began “usual treatments” this Monday.

“His Majesty has started a routine treatment program today, at which point the doctors They have advised to postpone the works facing the public” said a statement issued by the Crown. And he adds: “During this period, His Majesty will conduct government affairs and official procedures as usual.”

However, the palace did not provide details about the stage of the cancer or its prognosis.

Buckingham Palace announced that King Charles was admitted to a London hospital last Friday, January 26. to operate on his “benign” prostate hypertrophy. However, the BBC It was not prostate cancer, but was discovered during his recent treatment for an enlarged prostate.

A statement from Buckingham Palace
A statement from Buckingham Palace

“During King's recent hospital procedure for a benign enlarged prostate, another cause for concern was noted. Subsequent diagnostic tests identified a form of cancer (…) Raja thanked his medical team for the quick intervention, which was made possible by his recent hospital procedure. “He remains completely positive about the treatment received and hopes to return to full performance of his public duties soon,” the palace said in a statement.

And he concludes: “His Majesty has decided to share his diagnosis in order to avoid speculation and in the hope that it will help the public understand all those affected by cancer around the world.”

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The Crown commented weeks ago that the royal decided to go public with his treatment with the aim of encouraging more men to undergo prostate tests. The aim is to raise awareness of the issue at a time when health authorities are warning of an increase in problems related to prostate conditions.

According to the United Kingdom's National Health Service (NHS), benign enlargement of the prostate is common in men over the age of 50 and usually does not pose a serious health threat.

Within 48 hours of the announcement of the King's prostate problem, there it was 26,000 page viewsThe daily average on previous dates was 1,400.

This was also reported by the charity Prostate Cancer UK saw an increase of over 100% Number of people using their online risk checker the day after the announcement.

England's King Charles speaks with Queen Camilla during the State Opening of Parliament at the House of Lords in London on November 7, 2023 (UK Parliament/Roger Harris/Handout via REUTERS)
England's King Charles speaks with Queen Camilla during the State Opening of Parliament at the House of Lords in London on November 7, 2023 (UK Parliament/Roger Harris/Handout via REUTERS)via REUTERS

The risk of developing many types of cancer increases significantly with age, the latest UK figures indicate. The data, on an annual average, More than a third (36%) of cancer diagnoses were related to people aged 75 – the age of the current monarch – or older.

His intervention coincided with Kate Middleton, Princess of Wales, also undergoing stomach surgery in January, which caused great concern in the United Kingdom.

On Sunday the King attended a church service in Sandringham, where he greeted the crowd.

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Within minutes of hearing the news, the British Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak, wished the English monarch a “full and speedy recovery”. “I have no doubt that he will soon be back at full capacity and I know that the whole country wishes him the best,” the president noted on his X social network account.

The Leader of the Opposition further addressed, Keir StarmerHe wished the British monarch a speedy recovery and hoped he would “get well soon”.

“On behalf of the people of London, I wish your Majesty a speedy and full recovery. I hope he gets well soon,” London Mayor Sadiq Khan said.

The BBC He said Prince HarryThe youngest son of King Charles III and estranged from the royal family, he spoke to his father after receiving the diagnosis. He is going to meet him from California (USA) in the next few days.

After a reign of more than 70 years, Charles III ascended the throne in early May 2023 after the death of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II.