June 18, 2024

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Kingdom Hearts doxx Sora fans, find his realistic apartment in Tokyo

Kingdom Hearts doxx Sora fans, find his realistic apartment in Tokyo

Kingdom Hearts fans are starting to pick Kingdom Hearts 4 Trailer revealed For clues with enthusiasm on Sunday, noting details such as Possibility to include the world of Star Wars And Sora’s new choice for delicate shoes. They also find a luxury apartment building in the real world where Sora probably lives in Tokyo, since the game’s “after” Quadratum is actually a recreation of the Japanese city.

Based on some mass espionage by its headquarters in Tokyo Twitch streamer AudreyAlso known as aitaikimochiDescribing herself as a “Square Enix fan,” Sora appears to have a luxury pillow in Tokyo’s Aoyama neighborhood. Aoyoma is an affluent and elegant area of ​​the city, and Sora’s rent fits the area. Audrey and her viewers dug up what appears to be the actual apartment used as a model for Sora’s new excavation, and it costs $2,000 a month to rent—about $1 million if Sora wants to buy.

How did Audrey and her viewers track Sora’s site? Using the parameters described in the file Kingdom Hearts 4 Trailer and Street View in Google Maps of course. The realistic apartment building they found is called Regno RavenIt is a typical building in the style of your dwelling. Sora would probably have a one or two bedroom apartment, but the real draw is the balcony and all the natural sunlight pouring in on it. photo building model unit Latif gave a peek at where Sora would likely live-Kingdom Hearts 3.

Of course, the building’s residents may not appreciate how close Square Enix and the Kingdom Hearts team can recreate where they live. Please, Kingdom Hearts fans, don’t turn this luxury apartment building into a pilgrimage site. Sora, unlike Donald Duck, is not real!

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