November 28, 2022

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Knicks gaining momentum in pursuit of Galen Bronson?

Knicks gaining momentum in pursuit of Galen Bronson?

The nicks It is gaining momentum in its quest to achieve Mavericks Free agent guard Galen BronsonLeague sources say, Mark Stein (Substack link).

As Stein notes, the Knicks started dumping their 2022/23 salary on the night of the draw when they agreed to send Kimba Walker ($9.2 million) to Detroit and moved their first-round pick, removing an expected $4.5 million cap from next season’s books. Stein wrote that they don’t have enough cover space yet to make a competitive bid for Bronson, but there is a growing belief that they will be able to get there.

Sources told Stein that the Knicks seem to be preparing an offer in the $100 million range over four years for Bronson.

The Mavericks have always expressed confidence in their ability to re-sign Bronson, with the Chief of Basketball Operations Nico Harrison Repeating those refrains on draft night, telling reporters that Nix’s efforts to create a cover room came as no surprise, according to ESPN’s Tim McMahon (Twitter link).

“Until he tells us he doesn’t want to be here, we’re optimistic,” Harrison said.

However, according to Stein, the Mavs at the end of the season believed that a four-year offer in the $85-88 million range would likely be enough to keep Bronson. This seems to be the case increasingly unlikely.

Dallas holds Bronson bird rights And it has the ability to make any amount up to the maximum, plus a fifth year – the Knicks are limited to four years. But it will be an unrestricted free agent, so Mavs won’t necessarily be able to keep it by matching or overriding Knicks’ offer.

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Stein says there is a growing belief among some people close to the situation that Bronson is interested in moving to New York, where his former agent is leon rose Runs the front office for Nix and his dad Rick Bronson He was recently appointed as an assistant coach.

According to Stein, the opportunity to take on “a new challenge and expanded responsibility” with Nicks may appeal to young Bronson. Stein cites sources who say there is “a growing fear” within the MAFS about the dangers of the base guard’s escape.

Rose never actually holds briefings and won’t be able to discuss Bronson publicly anyway, but it’s worth noting that he released an official statement on Friday discussing Knicks’ moves on draft night — the phrase “increasing financial resilience” gained a prominent place in this statement explaining strategy the team (Twitter link via Ian Begley of