May 26, 2024

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Kovit: Denmark, the European country that bet on “living with the virus”, is now announcing closures and restrictions.

Copenhagen / Berlin.- In September, Denmark believed it controlled the epidemic And started a new life with the corona virus, without restrictions or health slips and with massive events. But with the advent of new genres, last month everything started to turn upside down: First they imposed again “Health Boss”, They will now order the closure of theaters, theaters and concert halls Should try to stop the increase in the record of cases Omigron.

“Theaters, theaters, concert halls should be closed,” the prime minister announced. Mete Frederickson During a press conference. “We need to limit our activity. We need to limit all our social interactions, “he added The Omigron variant “changed the rules” What is known so far about the Govt expansion.

The Statens Serum Institute (SSI), which monitors the evolution of the disease, today announced a new daily record of infections. For the first time, more than 10,000 positives have been recorded in a single day, and three deaths have been recorded while the sudden number stands at 11,194. In the total number of cases, 2,500 ohmron variants, the highest number ever.

Mete Frederickson announced new measures to tackle the Omigron variantOlafer Steiner Geston – Ritzow Schanpix

Denmark, one of the most advanced countries in terms of sorting, is one of the countries in the world where Omigron variation has been detected. Officials expect it to become a majority sub-category in the coming days.

Next to the United Kingdom, the country has the second highest incidence of the new variant. As of Thursday, it had already confirmed more than 6,000 positives, the first time it had been detected in South Africa, but it had spread especially across Europe.

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The measures announced this Friday must be approved by Parliament.

“Our goal is to keep the community as open as possible,” Frederickson said, dismissing locks like the one in the spring of 2020 “because we have vaccines.”

The government will also ask Closing other places where people are more likely, Such as amusement parks, congressional centers, or museums.

Although the Christmas holidays have already been extended to cope with the increase in cases, the administrator continues to plan to go back to school on January 5th.

As for nightlife, Bars and restaurants will close at 11pm and no liquor will be served after 10pm.

Switzerland has also stepped up its anti-Govt measures since Monday Try to control the fifth wave of infection and anticipate the arrival of the Omigron variant, a kind of sanitary pass.

Only vaccinated or cured individuals can now access the interiors of restaurants, cultural institutions and sports or leisure facilities. As well as internal events, “the Federal Council said in a statement, calling Switzerland 2G from German. Recovered (Cured) and Vaccinated (Vaccine)

Before the Christmas holidays, usually with family in the alpine country, If one of the diners, aged 16 or over, has not been vaccinated or is recovering, there will be private meetings for only ten people, including children.

According to federal officials, these measures should contain infections in unvaccinated individuals “because they spread the virus easily and often cause problems when they are contaminated.”

The new wave and the arrival of Omigran are having an impact across Europe. Germany and Ireland are considering imposing new restrictions in the days leading up to the Christmas holidays. Following in the footsteps of France, it closed its borders to most foreign Britons this week.

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Ireland’s Deputy Prime Minister Leo Varadkar has said the government has no choice but to consider unpopular measures such as closing bars and restaurants earlier because of the “terrible virus”.

Germany, badly affected by a significant increase in infections, must be prepared for that New “Massive Wave” Due to the rapid spread of the Omigron variant, the new health minister warned, Carl Lotterbach.

“We have to be ready A challenge in a form we have not yet encountered; Even a mild trend (of disease) will not make a big difference, ”the minister told a news conference in Hanover.

The level of risk of this new variant is difficult to estimate, although infections appear to be rare, a senior official pointed out.

The minister stressed that it was “inevitable” to arrive at a difficult time, saying “the death toll could be kept low for two or three weeks, but an increase in the number of cases could neutralize this benefit”.

Germany faces a sharp rise in epidemics from delta variation. The number of cases was slightly reduced after the introduction of several controls, but the incidence of infections remained high.

According to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) data, the number of new cases in 24 hours crossed 50,000 on Friday.

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