May 23, 2024

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A new general blackout plunged the whole of Venezuela into darkness

A new massive blackout has been announced in several states of Venezuela

A new massive resistance was recorded this Friday morning In almost all regions of Venezuela. At least 20 of the 23 states in the country reported power outages at 2:00 am (local time).

Users of social networks have reported failures in energy services, especially in the central and western states of the country.

Residents of the capital Caracas and various parts of the state Julia, Merida, Carabobo, Miranda, Laura, Aragua, Apure, Ansotegui, Vargas, Bolivar, Nueva Esparta, Barinas, Trujillo, Sucre, Tachira, Falcon, Yaragui and Portugal They condemned the irregularity.

For his part, Nicolas Maduro, dictatorial minister, Nestor Reverell, He denounced the new power outage after the “attack on the national grid”.

“We have a new attack on Chen, especially in Kuri. Those who committed atrocities in 2019 are again attacking the peace of the country ”, Savista official said during a contact with the state channel Venezuelan television.

Early this Friday, residents in at least 20 states across the country condemned the failures in energy service through social networks.
Early this Friday, residents in at least 20 states across the country condemned the failures in energy service through social networks.

Massive resistance Have become stable in Venezuela, The National Electricity System has suffered a sharp decline due to the lack of maintenance and investment by the Nicolas Maduro regime.

Although massive failures are rare, Darkening is a part of everyday life for many hours a day in Venezuelan homes. While there are fewer incidents in the country’s capital, other areas are often hit by power outages and service outages.

This new massive resistor, Occurs less than a month before the state channel Venezuelan television (VTV), It is funded by the resources of all the Venezuelan people, Aired episodes of the embarrassing cartoon titled “Super Mustache”, In it they portray the socialist dictator Nicolas Maduro as a “superhero” or a vicious copy of Superman who “fights against American imperialism.”

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In The cartoon seems to mock the dramatic reality of the Venezuelan people passing in and out of the country, Show the scene where the power is cut off in the middle of the operation at a medical center and the operation is interrupted. That’s the time The most original character is dressed in the characteristic red dress of Savismo, With blue cap, last but not least, Like the characters in American comics, it has underwear on the outside of the suit. In addition, he has a slender figure, far removed from the obese Savista dictator.

Slogan of the joke: “with his iron hand”, a phrase used repeatedly when Maduro assumed power in 2013 and he threatened anyone who would underestimate his ability to lead the executive after the death of Hugo Chavez. “I will rule with an iron hand,” he threatened and sentenced to predict what would be the main characteristic of his iron dictatorship.

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