June 19, 2024

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LA host Lynette Romero talks about former host Marc Meester

LA host Lynette Romero talks about former host Marc Meester

Famous Los Angeles morning announcer Lynette Romero confirmed to fans that her former assistant was a Fired after he went rogue on the air He’ll do “amazing things” as he gets past his controversial dissolution.

TV host Mark Meester was dumped by KTLA last month after he went off the script to blow up his own station the way they handled Romero’s exit from the company.

“I’ll tell you Mark as I talk every day,” Romero said. Facebook Live Streaming Friday. “I respect him, he respects me and he respects our privacy and all these things. We will talk about all these things at some point. This is not the time or the place so I know you guys will respect that.”

β€œHe is fine and takes care of himself and will do amazing things I am sure because he is such a wonderful person. We will always be friends.”

While Romero was shy on Friday about her surprise exit from KTLA last month that prompted Meester’s controversial remarks, she opened up a bit about her departure on day one with her new station KNBC-TV.

Romero spoke about her new gig during a Facebook Live last Friday.
lynetteromeronbcla / Facebook

On Monday, she said on a local morning show “Today in LA” that she had “no idea” that the show she taped in mid-September would be her last show with KTLA where she has worked for 24 years amid contract negotiations, The Los Angeles Times reported.

“You know how contract negotiations go – or maybe you don’t – but it’s not fun,” she said, according to the newspaper. “So I’ve never actually gone back…a little over a month, but I feel like forever.”

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Romero left her previous stop without personally saying goodbye to viewers, which infuriated Meester. Instead, another reporter announced that Romero was gone during a short paragraph.

During the monologue days after the first announcement, Meester told her on air “You don’t deserve what happened to you.”

Romero and Mister worked together at KTLA.
Romero and Mister worked together at KTLA.
markmeser / Instagram

β€œI want to start now by apologizing to you,” Mister He told the viewers. “What viewers experienced was rude, it was rough, it was inappropriate and we are very sorry.”

He was suspended and then expelled after a daring rant on the air.

Romero’s new home, KNBC, rivals her former employer, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Meester has not been active on his social media pages since his ouster.