March 28, 2023

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The song “A Strange Loop” that won Best Music on Broadway will end

The song "A Strange Loop" that won Best Music on Broadway will end

Broadway had been booming for years before the coronavirus pandemic, but like many other forms of the performing arts, it was struggling to recover after the prolonged shutdown of theaters. The industry has been challenged not only by concerns about public health, but also by declining tourism in New York City, the slow return of office workers to Midtown, a troubling economy, and possibly changing leisure habits.

During the 2021-22 Broadway season — a short season because most theaters remained closed through the summer of 2021 — 6,729,143 people attended Broadway shows, down from 1,476,254 during the 2018-19 season, which was the last full season before the pandemic. Broadway’s annual totals dropped from $1.8 billion to $845 million during that time period.

The softness of the industry appears to be continuing. During the week ending October 2, there were 25 shows on Broadway, attended by 209,668 people and grossed $25,208,583. During the comparative week in 2019 – the last similar week before the pandemic closed – there were 33 shows running, attended by 261,793 people and totaled $30,098,714.

The struggles have contributed to a number of closures. More important, “Phantom of the Opera” It announced that it plans to close on February 18, capping a 35-year record run on Broadway. two more modest strokes, “Come from afar” And the Dear Evan Hansen, Also recently closed, a strong rebound from the sale “music man” Planning to close on New Year’s Day.

New Yorkers will have another chance to see Jackson’s work next year. His new musicalwhite girl in dangerIt is scheduled to be shown off-Broadway next spring at the Second Stage Theatre, which is co-produced with Vineyard Theatre.

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