LEGO has revealed two new Summer 2023 Creator 3-in-1 sets with Main Street (31141) and the Space Roller Coaster (31142). As with all 3-in-1 sets, you can build and disassemble the main model to build two alternate models. I must say I really like the roller coaster.

Main Street (31141) – 1459 pcs

Get ready for a fun trip to a bustling city! Check in at the hotel, browse the music store for records, grab a bite to eat at the café and enjoy a band playing on the roof. Rebuild it into an elegant 4-storey art deco skyscraper with foyer, kitchen, living room and office or arcade market street with photo studio and flower shop. Playtime never stops with this amazing 3-in-1 set!

Space Roller Coaster (31142) – 874 pieces

Take a trip to a space-themed amusement park and enjoy amazing rides! Jump into a buggy for a fast-moving ride on the Space Roller Coaster with an asteroid and meteor. Then, rebuild it into a drop tower and go to the top before plummeting back to Earth, or spin in a mini space rocket or space shuttle on a merry-go-round. The choice is yours with this super cool 3-in-1 set.