May 28, 2023

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London is preparing for the biggest security operation in 60 years for the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II

Some have likened the event to the London Olympics, but it was actually a state funeral – a first Great Britain since the death of Winston Churchill in 1965 – will eclipse the 2012 game extravaganza.

with the code name of “Operation London Bridge”Arrangements for Britain’s long-serving monarch were carefully scrutinized over the years by the many agencies involved, with the Queen signing off on every detail before her death.

The city has already seen unprecedented crowds to witness the official funeral, which will last till 6:30 a.m. Monday (1:30 a.m. ET), hours before the funeral procession to Westminster Abbey began. A large number of people temporarily suspended taxes on Friday.

In an interview with Sky News earlier this week, the Mayor of London, Sadiq KhanHe said of the scale: “If you think about the London Marathon, Carnival, previous royal weddings, the Olympics, it’s all together.”

Isabel Funeral 1.jpg

Herald of Aragon

Some 500 leaders and former heads of state or government The focus will be on the British capital between Sunday and Monday, and will meet before the funeral. Royal Chelsea HospitalA care center for servicemen and retirees in the west of the English capital.

From there they go to school in droves WestminsterIn the center of the city and where the degree will be held “Funeral of the Century”. Although London does one Exception with the head of America, Joe BidenHe was allowed to reach the funeral on his ship Official vehicleArmored Car beast.

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In addition to the rulers, they will attend the funeral this Monday 2,000 guestsincluding members British government, legislators, senior officers and representatives Most relevant public institutions of the country.

Queen Elizabeth II.jpg

Queen Isabel II.

Photo: EFE

Long lines to bid farewell to Elizabeth II

Hundreds of people volunteers Local media reported they were offering help to the estimated million people who came to the British capital to bid farewell to the Queen.

As such, the line of people waiting to say their final goodbyes to Elizabeth II stretched throughout this Saturday. 8 kilometersSo when Six hours Access is closed and It was later reopenedManages to reduce from 24 14 Waiting time.

It is expected to return, at some point, between this Saturday and Sunday to close To avoid the evacuation of thousands of citizens who had to be evicted after patiently queuing.

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A group of soldiers will carry the King’s coffin on Monday morning Westminster HallOld House of Parliament, to Military harmonium It will take you Abe Westminster, with companion 142 members of the Royal Navy. Behind the coffin, they will walk Charles III; Her two sons, William and Henry; and other members of the royal family.

At the end of the religious ceremony, at 11:58will be done Two minutes of silence in all United Kingdom As a tribute to the dead king. The coffin will then be moved The Last Parade Through and into central London Wellington’s Arch.

Finally, a hearse will carry the coffin Windsor CastleWhere will she be buried? St. George’s Churchwith his remains Husband, mother, father and sister.