June 3, 2023

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Alberto Fernandez went to New York for the UN Assembly and will condemn the attack against Cristina Kirchner at the World Forum.

Alberto Fernandez went to New York where he will participate in the UN Assembly

After 10pm, charter flight Argentina Airlines This leads to Alberto Fernandez A New York Departed from International Airport Ezesa. The President went to Manhattan to attend the general meeting of United Nations Organization (UN) and carry out a diplomatic and educational agenda that includes meetings with Pedro Sánchez and Emmanuel Macron. Meanwhile, on Monday, he plans to meet the President Kristalina GeorgievOwner International Monetary Fund (IMF). The meeting is scheduled to take place at 11:30 a.m. at the Argentine Consulate in New York.

The Head of State is accompanied by First Lady Fabiola Yáñez, Foreign Minister Santiago Cafiero, Defense Minister Aníbal Fernández, Spokesperson Gabriela Cerrutti and General Secretary to the President Julio Vitobello.

Alberto Fernandez arrived in Ezeiza by helicopter Fabiola YanezBrought from five Olives. When he finishes his program in New York – which runs until September 20 – he will fly to Houston and speak in front of major investors and owners of the most powerful oil companies in the United States.

That presentation will take place during lunch, after which the President will return Buenos Aires. Its arrival is estimated at dawn on September 22.

Alberto Fernandez went to New York where he will participate in the UN Assembly
Alberto Fernandez went to New York where he will participate in the UN Assembly

As part of his agenda, he will meet the President of Argentina Kristalina GeorgievAdministrative director International Monetary Fund (IMF) in New York. The meeting between the Head of State and the official of the organization will take place next Monday as part of his trip to the United States to attend the United Nations (UN) Assembly. “The meeting between the Head of State and Kristalina has been confirmed by Georgieva and it will be held next Monday,” he noted. Infobay Ambassador of Argentina America, George Arguello .A meeting between the President and the Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund will be held at the Argentine Consulate in New York at 11:30.

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The final draft of the 15-minute speech he will deliver to the United Nations (UN). Alberto Fernández is recognized globally for his rejection of the attempted assassination of Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, establishing an open condemnation of political violence and a closed defense of Argentine democracy.

The President is shocked by the conspiracy created by a few tumor To kill the Vice-President, its institutional implication justifies his direct reference in his forthcoming speech to the General Assembly.

Santiago Cafiero, Alejandro Crimson – adviser to the head of state – and the line from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs provide the basic ideas of the presidential speech. Alberto Fernandez checks the drafts that arrive in his mailbox and makes final edits before arriving at the historic steel and glass building in Manhattan.

Alberto Fernandez will not hold bilateral meetings in New York. Queen Elizabeth’s funeral conspired against the basic pattern of foreign relations. Most of the world leaders will be in London for the opening of the UN General Assembly – on September 20.

In this strangely international environment, the president approved an agenda that included a dissertation on Latin America at the New School. A presentation at the Development Bank of Latin America (CAF) and the opening of an ESMA photo exhibition set up at the New York embassy were set to confirm the declaration of the former military illegal detention center by UNESCO.

Alberto Fernandez and Emmanuel Macron during their last official meeting in Paris
Alberto Fernandez and Emmanuel Macron during their last official meeting in Paris

In the absence of bilateral meetings, Alberto Fernandez will attend a lunch hosted by Pedro Sánchez and a dinner hosted by Emmanuel Macron. At these multilateral events, the head of state prefers to speak alone with Sánchez, Macron and their special guests, who do not yet know each other for sure.

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The President assumes there will be no draw (brief and informal meeting) with Joseph Biden at the UN. Biden will land in New York in the early hours of Tuesday – he flies from London – and his tribute night to all world leaders will be on Wednesday, September 21. On that day — early spring in Argentina and autumn in the United States — Alberto Fernandez will exhibit in front. principals Oil in Houston.

There is no conference at the UN, and we don’t know when it will be held in Washington either. Alberto Fernandez responded when asked about a possible meeting between Biden and the Cabinet.

The diplomatic window shrinks a centimeter more every day. Biden has elections in early November, the same month he will travel to Bali to attend the G20. then, Diplomatic opportunities are shrinking despite continued efforts in the White House’s West Wing.

In addition, the President of the United States received only two leaders from the region: Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) and Ivan Duque. AMLO represents Mexico, a strategic ally of the White House, while Duke has made countless moves to access the Oval Office before ending his mandate in Colombia.

Alberto Fernandez is far removed from the geopolitical influence that Mexico and Colombia have in DC. America’s two partners that always respect the script of the White House, regardless of the partisan representation of the president in charge – Republican or Democrat.

Alberto Fernandez and Joseph Biden during their first official meeting at the Summit of the Americas
Alberto Fernandez and Joseph Biden during their first official meeting at the Summit of the Americas

In Pink House Don’t dismiss it Alberto Fernandez As quoted CFK He recites before him the definitive text of the text UN. They also do not rule out the fact that the Vice President remains in the face of this ultimate political situation. Peace Seal.

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This is not the first time Christina has avoided chats telegram– Sent by the President.

Alberto Fernandez is traveling on an Aerolinas Argentinas charter flight and will travel with them to New York. The first lady is Fabiola Yanez, Foreign Minister Santiago Cafiero,Gabriela Cerutti – Spokesperson for the President –, Anibal Fernández -Minister of Defense- and Julio Vitobello, General Secretary of the President. The official delegation will stay at the Park Hyatt, a five-star hotel located minutes from the UN.

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