December 7, 2023

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Lost children in Guayaquil turn up alive: Army forces confirm news

Lost children in Guayaquil turn up alive: Army forces confirm news
President Gustavo Pedro confirmed the news and released this photo. Twitter.

Lost children appear in the forests of Guerrier. On June 9, the news was confirmed. Leslie Mucutuy, Soleiny Mucutuy, Tien Noriel Ronoque Mucutuy And Christine Neriman Ranok Mukutui They remain with authorities and are awaiting extraction from the area to be transferred to San Jose del Guayar. Children may show signs of dehydration. There is currently no official report on the condition of the children.

President Gustavo Pedro Confirming the news, it released the first known picture of the minors:

“Joy for the whole country! 4 children who disappeared 40 days ago in the Colombian jungle have appeared alive.

President Gustavo Pedro released the first photo of the children. Twitter.

The president also said the children were weak: “Let the doctors do their assessment, we know,” he told the media. Similarly, he asserted, “Our children are the gift of life nurtured by our forests.”

A helicopter moves to find children who cannot be removed from the area due to weather conditions. Wilson, the search dog that accompanied the rescue, was found lost in the woods and was not with the children at the time of the rescue.

Wilson is the dog who helped rescue four children in Quarrier. @Julianaramirez6/Twitter

to Integrated command post Paramedics and other care workers arrived in San Jose Guayaquil to assess the minors so they could be transferred to Bogotá later.

All four children are in national army uniform and they will hand them over Colombian Institute of Family Welfare (Icbf) should provide them with due care.

These are the first pictures of children. Military Forces/Capt.

Indigenous children spent 40 days in the dense Amazon jungle to survive using their ancestral knowledge. In this regard, the President said,

“Indigenous communities and military forces joined forces to find the children after 40 days. They were alone. They achieved an example of total survival that will stand in history. Those children are children of peace today.”

These are the first pictures of children. Army/Presidentship.

In the past few days, some footprints were recorded: animal and child.

“The children are sure to be alive. We are innovating in strategies to block certain points and provide information to them (…). We have a lost dog and the last prints have a print of the dog and a print of the baby. We think he is with them. It will be spectacular. That will make them good company,” Fausto Avellaneda, commander of Operation Hope’s land mission, said in an exclusive interview with Los Informantes.

This fact filled the combined search cells with confidence, which searched the area day and night.

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