June 19, 2024

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Love horoscope for Sunday 6 March 2022


For the Sunday love horoscope by the sign of the zodiac, the resident astrologer ARIA GAMETER He shares how current astronomical events affect you on March 6, 2022.

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Read on to find out what your love horoscope has in store for your zodiac sign on Sunday, March 6, 2022.


The love of a good friend can pull you through many obstacles and changes. You may not feel that your relationship is ready to deal with the complexities of your life or even to share them with others.

But this is how you test the strength of the person who introduces himself as your friend. Perhaps test the situation to see how far your partnership can grow.

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the Bull

the Bull

As Venus enters your Solar House of Reputation, it’s time to nurture and heal certain areas of your life where you’ve lost respect or felt ashamed.