May 31, 2023

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Luis Arce wants to cut off the waters of the Silala River in Chile

Luis Arce (REUTERS/Manuel Claure/File)

Two days after the United Nations proposed to declare 2024 International Year of Water for LifePresident Lewis Ars His government announces that it wants to break up the canals that carry water from the bordering Silala River to Chile.

The water of these Bolivian slopes was sent to Chile by an English railway company in 1908 and a year ago the International Court of Justice at The Hague defined it as a river whose waters benefited both countries.

But this March 23, Bolivian Sea DayIn it the 1879 invasion of Chile is commemorated and condemned, Arce, distressed by the economic crisis and the corruption of his government, decides to declare what is now Bolivia.You can exercise your right to remove the pipeline, restore the bofedales of the place and use the Silala water for the benefit of our people.”.

He also addressed bilateral issues, offering a dialogue until Chile agreed to talk about the sea, a move described as a threat in Santiago.

The Silala River’s water is essential to maintain livestock and crops in the region (Aizar RALDES / AFP)

The announcement of Silala sharpens tensions on the border between the two countries, where the president was present Gabriel Boric A week ago and a month ago, the Chilean military stood down with an order barring the entry into the country of members of the Venezuelan exodus from Bolivia, where the government does not accept them for political reasons.

The Bolivian opposition MAS blames the government for bringing the Sea and Silala case to the Hague and obtaining unfavorable rulings, as the former ended Bolivia’s claim to access to the sea and the latter defined the Silala as a river. , Bolivia never accepted.

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His announcement at the United Nations contradicted his announcement that the canals diverting water to Chile would be destroyed. There he made an impassioned plea in favor of water: “Recognize that water is the center of life at the next Earth Assembly in 2024 and establish rivers, lakes, glaciers, aquifers, basins, water and life connected to Mother Earth. The collective meaning of rights echoes the current threat to their existence in all parts of the world, listening to their vulnerabilities.

Gabriel Boric in Colzane, Chile (Manual via Chile Presidency/Marcelo Segura/REUTERS)

Ars changed his approach in the face of public condemnation of the economic crisis, widespread corruption and foreign policy mistakes..

In MAS’s Civil War, A A whirlwind of complaints about corruption Complaints by his collaborators corroborate the former MAS minister’s definition Carlos Romerowho spoke of the “amazing mega-scandal”.

He La Paz Diary A week ago, he said the Bolivian government was determined to explain and provide strong evidence in support of President Mexico’s conviction: “There is no government without corruption”.

As former minister Romero said when he denounced corruption killing the YPFB, the National Institute of Statistics confirmed that last year the state oil company imported 30% more diesel oil than the country consumes. Excess corruption is re-exported by the network.

The economic crisis is out of control. At the United Nations, Ars also proposed that the international community should decide to cancel the foreign debt of countries facing problems with drinking water. “Establishing debt forgiveness for developing countries allocated financial resources to provide access to water, water adaptation and climate resilience, based on loss and damage caused.”

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When Arce took over as economy minister from Evo Morales in 2006, Bolivia’s foreign debt was $2,000 million and Now it stands at 19,000 million For the debt levels he contracted despite the country’s phenomenal income from the raw materials boom.

The central bank can’t keep up with demand for dollars and the government has jailed a woman dedicated to currency exchange. Now, among the hundreds of citizens lining up to buy dollars, the central bank says many are committed to reselling the currency, and that it will condemn them and prevent them from doing so.

The government is obsessed with the dollar. It is proposed to establish what a person should do with their purchasing dollars.

Meanwhile, fight with Evo Morales Not giving and according to the weekly 21st century, Cuban advisers have suggested that MAS leaders watch out for electoral fraud they set up. The Cubans would have told them: “Fraud or die.”

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