May 26, 2024

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Lula advanced in the final | Comment

Lula advanced in the final |  Comment

From Rio de Janeiro

In the run-up to Brazil’s elections, things are moving, but not in the direction Jair Bolsonaro had hoped for. Roberto Jefferson, a politician long associated with BolsonaroHe remained under house arrest, encouraging all kinds of provocations – he even called a minister of the Federal Supreme Court a whore – until the court decided that he should go to prison.

As police searched for him, Jefferson fired dozens of bullets into patrol cars and threw two grenades, which wounded three police officers. He resisted for several hours until he surrendered. Bolsonaro said he had never taken a photo with Jefferson and that he was not his friend. Until dozens of photos were released of Jefferson, who was very friendly with Bolsonaro.

Interior Minister Bolsonaro was sent to do some sort of mediation, turning the episode into a state case. A journalist from Globo was severely beaten by Bolsonaro.

This Monday, after an eventful weekend, a presidential poll by IPEC, one of the two most reliable pollsters, showed Lula’s best result from the first round, with Lula having a 5-point advantage – and then it collapsed. 4-.

In the new poll, which counts valid votes and does not measure the negative consequences for Bolsonaro of this latest incident, Lula has 54% of the vote, to Bolsonaro’s 46, a margin of 8 points. Thus, within a week of the referendum, Lula regained the upward trend.

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