March 23, 2023

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Mauricio Claver-Caron leveled harsh criticism against the president: he called him dishonest and unwilling to find jobs for Argentines.

Ex The President of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), Mauricio Claver-Caron, He mentioned on Tuesday morning the relationship he has maintained during these three years of government President Albert Fernandez He also accused him of not looking out for the best for Argentina and focusing on putting people on his side in good positions.

“During the years I worked with Alberto Fernandez, I never had a conversation with him about how to create jobs in the country, it was always (Gustavo) how to get a job to Belize.… What if we made the same effort to create jobs for millions of Argentines?” former company official asked himself in an interview with Eduardo Fineman. Miter Radio.

Claver-Caron said today that she was considered “a difficult person.” However, he warned: “I’ve been described as an ideologue who supports the free market, I’ve been right-wing and I’ve worked. [el ex presidente de Estados Unidos] Donald Trump, but I believe in ideological integrity and respect the left and the people I understand how leftists like Christina Kirchner think. But I don’t understand Alberto Fernandez and that group because they are dishonest”.

In addition, he said: “I was a difficult person for them, there was an important attempt to get me out from the first day in Argentina.”

“When I was elected, I wanted to appoint an apolitical Argentine, a very competent financial person, to an important post. But they were still committed to Belize. I told Fernandez I would appoint an apolitical, very competent Argentine, and Alberto Fernandez told me ‘I’m not going to vote for anyone who doesn’t belong to me.’ I didn’t understand it. It shocked me a lot,” he said.

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On the other hand, current Economy Minister Sergio Massa was the first Argentine official to seriously talk to him about how to move the country forward, and Martin Guzmán, the previous official in charge of the portfolio, assured that “cannibalism aimed at division”.

Sergio Massa was the first person to sit down with me as an adult a few months ago And he told me ‘there is a plan to save Argentina’. “He’s not talking to me about cronyism, he’s talking about his plan to try to successfully stop the coming Great Crisis,” Claver-Caron said.

“If Argentina comes up with a plan, it’s my duty to support it, even if it’s inappropriate. And I replied that I should be. But can’t [apoyar] In two years working for three friends of Alberto Fernández’s gang, they are playing political games, not for millions of Argentines.“, said.

Asked for his opinion on the targets set by the International Monetary Fund for debt repayment, the former official questioned the plan negotiated with its director.

“Argentina cannot meet even the lowest targets imposed on them. I have had very serious discussions with Kristalina Gueorguieva because those goals are a counterincentive to fulfilling the payment plan. “Argentina and that group don’t want to develop,” he said.

Later, he was harsh, saying that some countries wanted to turn the IDB into a CELAC (Community of Latin American and Caribbean States) bank and that they were turning it into a “Ponzi system”. Investors and paying profits to previous investors with the funds of recent investors instead of investing or managing the money as promised.

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“There are countries that want the IDB to be the bank for CELAC,” he began. “The IDB is like a Ponzi scheme, an international financial structure created because those 500 million families needed financing. That should not be the role of the IDB. It is a development bank to make investments in development deals for countries,” he assured.

Claver-Carone highlighted the progress made with record funding and savings during her tenure at ITP, and concluded: “I realized that results don’t matter to them. For some countries, having a store for the customer is more important than results.

The process to remove Mauricio Claver-Caron as IDP chief was unleashed last March when an anonymous complaint Board He accused her of violating the bank’s code of conduct by having a close relationship with her chief executive. Experts argue that this does not meet the bank’s modernization objectives.

In September, the IDB Board of Governors, representing the Bank’s 48 member countries – the United States, Canada and Latin America, several European countries, Japan, South Korea and China – They voted in favor of ending the administration After two years as head of that authority.

Executive Vice President Reina Irene Mejia Chacon will take over the bank’s leadership until a new president is selected.

In October 2020, Claver-Caron took over as president of the IDB, promoted by then-US President Donald Trump. His nomination and election divided the region and did not receive unanimous support. He is considered a “hawk” with strong ideological positions He was the first North American to occupy the chair traditionally reserved for Latin America. Claver-Caron promised to reform the company, modernize it and increase capital, which he never achieved.

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