February 29, 2024

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Lula signed with a special pen and broke protocol at his inauguration | A new president in Brazil

Lula signed with a special pen and broke protocol at his inauguration |  A new president in Brazil

Before his first words as president Brazil, Luis Inacio Lula da Silva He said Ball point The fact that he would sign acts that formalized him as the nation’s highest official was loaded with sentimental value. By doing this, Broke the norm This implies that the President-elect must sign with the official pen of Congress.

According to the account of a former metalworker’s trade unionist, A fighter gave it to him in 1989, on the condition that he use it when he won the presidency that year, something that ultimately did not happen. Now, Lula is sworn in as head of state for the third time and signs with the same pen. “Tribute to the People”.

“I see the former governor here Wellington DaysI wanted to tell a story. In 1989, I was involved in a rally piaui. It was a great meeting and then we went for a walk to São Iglesia Benedito. At the demonstration, a citizen gave me this pen He said that if he won the 1989 election, he would have to sign the oath-taking ceremony” he thought.

Later, the new president went on to say: I didn’t win the 1989 election, I didn’t win the 1994 election, I didn’t win the 1998 election. I won the election in 2002 and when I came here I forgot my pen and used Senator Ramez Tebet’s pen. That Member of Parliament, incidentally, is the father Simon Debbettwhom Lula declared as his own Planning Minister For this new cycle.

Along these lines, the third head of state in Brazilian history, recalled, In 2006, when I was re-elected, he signed the official pen of the Senate. “Now that I have found the pen, I do so in memory of the people of Bayou State,” he said before signing the documents.

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