July 19, 2024

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The moment the Israeli army attacks the Hezbollah terrorist operating in southern Lebanon

The moment the Israeli army attacks the Hezbollah terrorist operating in southern Lebanon
Israel strikes Hezbollah outpost in southern Lebanon

The Israeli military said this Saturday, amid rising tensions along the border between Israel and Lebanon A terrorist from a Lebanese terrorist group attacked an operational observation post.

“Early today (Saturday) morning, the IDF identified a terrorist at an observation post belonging to the terrorist organization Hezbollah. In Ayta ash Shab area. “Shortly after being identified, a precision strike was launched on the post where the terrorist was operating,” the Army said in a statement.

“In the Yaron region of southern Lebanon, the IDF identified a terrorist entering a Hezbollah military structure. An Air Force fighter jet quickly struck the structure where the terrorist operated,” the text added.

For its part, the military said Israeli warplanes They also attacked Hezbollah terrorist organization in Ramye regionIn southern Lebanon.

“Throughout the day, IDF troops opened fire to eliminate threats in the areas Ayta ash Shab, Jibbain and Tallouseh”, concludes the report.

The army also shared images of the Ayta ash Shab and Yaroun attacks.

Israel strikes Hezbollah outpost in southern Lebanon

In the first picture, you can see the moment when the Israeli army identifies the terrorist monitoring station and how they bombard the structure in Ayda Ash Shop.

Second, meanwhile, A terrorist is seen running towards the operational base in Yaron. When the drone was spotted flying in the area, the army launched an attack against the place.

Earlier, the army had informed Death of Ayman RatmaA member of both Hamas and the Lebanese terrorist group Jama’ah al-Islamiyya in an airstrike targeting his vehicle near the town of Giara, 40 kilometers from the Lebanese border.

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“An air force (unmanned) aircraft carried out a precision strike in the (western) Bekaa region. “A military statement has been issued in Lebanon to eliminate the terrorist Ayman Rathma, who is the main person responsible for supplying weapons to the terrorist organizations Hamas in Lebanon and Jama’a al-Islami in Lebanon,” the army statement said.

Israel asserts that Ratma is preparing to attack Israel “immediately” and that he has already participated in other previous attacks. At this time, Hamas has not commented on the matter or claimed Ratma as one of its affiliates.

On the 20th, Israel killed a member of Hezbollah traveling in southern Lebanon in another selective attack against a vehicle, which has already become common practice for the Israeli air force amid rising tensions along the northern border.

Tensions are rising along the border between Israel and Lebanon

On Friday Israel KatzForeign Minister IsraelHe warned that his country would “soon take the necessary decisions” on the scale of border clashes. Lebanon Against the Shia terrorist organization Hezbollah And this UN He stressed that a “miscalculation” in the region would lead to “a catastrophe”.

“Israel cannot allow this terrorist organization to continue to attack its territory and its citizens and will take the necessary decisions soon.”Katz warned in a message through his X social networking account.

Tensions have been rising in recent weeks and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu recently announced that the Israeli military was “prepared for a very powerful operation” along the border with Lebanese territory.

In response, Lebanese militant Hezbollah’s ‘number two’, Naim Kasem, warned that an escalation of the conflict would lead to “catastrophe and destruction” in Israel.

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The leader of Hezbollah, Hassan Nasrallah, While opposing a possible “all-out war,” Israel has advised “be prepared” in the country’s north and warned countries like Cyprus If Nicosia continues to allow Israel to use its bases for military exercises, his organization will consider it “part of the war.”