July 22, 2024

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Makri starts World Cup with a setback: He arrives in Qatar but his luggage gets lost | Ex-President’s Angry Video

Makri starts World Cup with a setback: He arrives in Qatar but his luggage gets lost |  Ex-President’s Angry Video

Former President Maurizio Macri come Qatar As executive chairman of the FIFA Foundation, he serves as the “host” of the 2022 World Cup, which kicks off this Sunday. However, according to reports, former President When he didn’t find his suitcase, he started staying in Qatar by accident.

On arrival in the Asian country this Saturday, a man at the airport filmed Macri waiting for his suitcase on the belt like other passengers. He complained Wrath Because your luggage is not available. The video went viral on social media.

However, in a conversation with Noticias Argentinas, sources close to the former president dismissed the story, saying Macri “I’m waiting for your suitcase like a normal person” Like other passengers on the plane.

The former president – a longtime critic of Aerolíneas Argentina – chose a private plane to travel to the World Cup, which caused problems with his luggage.

Makri in Qatar

As planned, Macri will stay in Qatar for a month to meet with officials of the highest football organization and promote the Argentine football team. “I’m going to host. It’s an experience I’ve never had in my life. I am the chairman of the foundation and I have the agenda of meetings and guests“, he noted in radio reports before his departure.

“Qatar will be a meeting place for many things happening in the world. I think soccer is a vehicle that helps a lot in uniting and avoiding major conflicts, as did the G20 and G7. I think the epidemic explains a lot about this madness of (Russian President Vladimir) Putin in invading Ukraine, because they were isolated for months,” he stressed.

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“All these things that we can meet, beyond my passion for football, are well-known and help a lot to avoid great madness. I believe that the future of humanity lies in the bridges of discussion and dialogue”, he added.

“superior race”

A week before making the trip, the former president’s remarks in a televised interview had sparked controversy. Germany team “A superior race “Always a player to the end”As he explored the possibility of winning the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

After the consequences created by his words, he had no choice Excuse me publicly. “Yesterday, when talking about the World Cup and openly referring to Germany’s undisputed footballing abilities, I had an unfortunate phrase that represented humanity’s worst nightmares. I want to clear that up and apologize“, he wrote on his Twitter account.