June 9, 2023

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An Argentine ate breakfast in Chile and asked for a different “name” for his coffee: the staff’s unusual reaction

The man ordered a coffee but there was a peculiarity. Instead of saying his name, he asked him to write “World Champion” on his glasses. (Credit: TikTok/@raulfigueroaok)

A famous multinational coffee company is characterized by its variety of products at breakfast and snack time, but they also write the customer’s name on each glass they serve.

This Argentinian was in Chile and wanted to have a coffee, but instead of giving his name he asked them to write it down. “World Champion”. The video went viral TikTok.

“A special coffee,” said Raoul. He asked him to write ‘World Champion’ on his glasses. (Credit: TikTok/@raulfigueroaok)

user @raulfigueroaok He shared a funny moment on stage. “Look what’s coming, a special coffee,” he said in the post.

In the clip, it shows local staff preparing their order while continuing to serve other customers.

The employee’s smile as he saw what was written on the glass. (Credit: TikTok/@raulfigueroaok)

When the woman went to give it to her, she couldn’t help but laugh when she saw what was written on the glass. “Caramel Macchiato… World Champion”, she is heard saying.

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After getting breakfast, he showed how the glass was written, while the song “Muchachos” by La Mosca played in the background.

“Caramel macchiato for the world champion,” said the woman. The funny moment was uploaded on TikTok. (Credit: TikTok/@raulfigueroaok)

The video has received over half a million views and over 70,000 “likes”. “Very nice girl for her good vibes,” commented one user. “A phrase was left above it ‘Our Promise’Another user said. Another boy commented: “I’m not Argentinian but I feel like a world champion with you, thank you Scaloneta.”

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May this joy never end!