June 1, 2023

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Mapping where Queen Elizabeth II’s body will go in the coming days

Mapping where Queen Elizabeth II's body will go in the coming days

In life, Queen Elizabeth II traveled Fantastic dealHe scored 285 state visits abroad. In death, there is a final and very personal journey – some 500 miles from her castle in Scotland to her final resting place in Windsor.

The trip would take over a week, with stops along the way.

The plans were in place for decades But the exact schedule is still subject to change.

The Queen died at Balmoral Castle, a royal estate in the Scottish Highlands that her husband bought for Queen Victoria in the 19th century. Queen Elizabeth is said to have loved her sprawling country house, where she spent the summer playing with her beloved dog, riding horses and going on nature walks.

From there, her coffin is expected to travel to Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland, where she will lie in the famous Palace of Holyrood, opposite the Scottish Parliament.

The 16th-century palace – the official Scotland residence of the British monarch – contains the living quarters reserved for Mary, Queen of Scotland, and is full With elaborate furnishings and ornate furniture. It also features immaculate gardens and a collection of royal jewels.

From Holyrood, a procession is expected along the capital’s royal mile to St Giles’ Cathedral, which dates back to the Middle Ages and is still a popular tourist destination.

After Scotland pays its respects, the Queen’s coffin will be flown to London. A procession is scheduled from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Hall, where she will remain in the state for several days. After the funeral service at Westminster Abbey on September 19, the Queen will be escorted in a final procession down the Mall ending at Hyde Park Corner.

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The coffin will then move to Windsor Castle, where the Queen spent her weekends. There, the coffin will travel in a final procession to St George’s Chapel, where it will be buried alongside her husband Philip.