April 22, 2024

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María Corina Machado denounced the Maduro regime as committing serious violations to block her candidacy.

María Corina Machado denounced the Maduro regime as committing serious violations to block her candidacy.
María Corina Machado: “Maduro simply does not dare to compete because he cannot consider defeat”

The sole candidate of the Venezuelan opposition, Maria Corina MachadoChavista condemned the new maneuvers of the dictatorship, which is handling the presidential elections scheduled for July 28. “Maduro does not dare to run freely because he cannot consider defeat”He made the accusation in a message he uploaded on his social networks.

“I want to convey to you all my strength and my hope that the fate of this fight will be the freedom of Venezuela and the return of our children and grandchildren to our homes. We live in a very delicate time where the regime is increasing its usual weapons of lies, violence and fear to make us nervous. And don't focus on our tasks,” Machado said in a video broadcast on his social networks.

“They are committing very serious violations. The government is trying to stop me from participating in the elections. It cancels the cards of the parties and movements that support me, but gives them to those who claim to favor them.“It unilaterally imposes an electoral calendar that denies all new voters and Venezuelans abroad the right to register and makes it nearly impossible to deploy comprehensive electoral monitoring,” Machado said.

For the opponent, ““The regime wants to compete with the wrong opposition candidates chosen by the Miraflores leadership.”

Dictator Nicolás Maduro confirmed that he will be Chavismo's candidate in the July 28 election (EFE/ Bienvenido Velasco)

According to him, Chavista maneuvers are “a sign of their weakness”: “They have lost their social base and their methods of intimidation no longer work for them. People are with us. They do not attack because they are strong. They attack because they are politically weak They like to cover that weakness with beatings and abuses. “It's a demonstration that they know they've been defeated on the electoral trail.”

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Despite these challenges, Machado said, it's a strong structure 600K platform To protect the integrity of the vote, along with the formulation Grand National Alliance victory, a coalition of various sectors committed to democratic transition in the country. This alliance not only counters the machinations of the regime but ultimately seeks to ensure effective and massive participation in the electoral process. “We have a path, a future that includes them,” the protester warned, highlighting the importance of focusing on national reconstruction and the inclusion of all sectors of Venezuelan society, including those who once supported Chavismo.

Strongly in his speech, Machado distinguished himself from the Venezuelan dictatorship: “We are going to free elections, and Maduro ignores them. We are traveling on a peaceful and mature path. It leads to violence. We propose serious negotiations for a change with guarantees. And Maduro refuses. While the regime sells distrust, We have a path, a future that includes them. What is Maduro afraid of? “Maduro fears the overwhelming desire of a country that wants change, that wants to live in peace.”

Maria Corina Machado denounces Maduro's new maneuvers: “The regime wants to compete with false opposition candidates” (REUTERS/FILE)

Candidate of Democratic Alliance He revealed that the regime wants to hold elections according to its needs and is “cornered into its own contradictions”.

And he warned: “They have two options, which are to facilitate a negotiated transition through free presidential elections. Barbados Treaty Or they decide to snag it the hard way. It's a very bad option for everyone, and it doesn't prevent change because the country or the world won't accept it. They can delay change, but not prevent it.

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He also questioned International community: “Do you know what's at stake? What it means for Venezuela and the region if Maduro postpones a transition the hard way. “We Venezuelans are not going to accept anything different from our full independence and return to democracy.”