August 11, 2022

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Another setback for Maduro in UK gold trial: Supreme Court orders Savista regime to pay costs

Venezuelan gold reserves at the Bank of England in London are almost 2,000 million dollars (Photo: EFE)

In a new victory for the special attorney general appointed by Juan Guaido’s interim government against Venezuela’s central bank and the dictatorship of Nicolás Maduro, The United Kingdom’s Supreme Court ordered the government to pay the cost of the gold probe.

Two political enemies They have been fighting since 2019 to access more than $2 billion worth of bullion and the Bank of England has protected it in its vaults for years.

The Supreme Court ruled on December 20, in a well-known case over the control of Venezuela’s gold reserves, which debated the legitimacy of Venezuela’s central bank officials, between those appointed by the interim government and the dictatorship. , 2021 that is Her Majesty’s Government unequivocally recognized the Guaidó Government, and consequently the BCV’s Provisional Executive Board appointed by him, and the legitimacy of the special attorney appointed under the law governing the transition.

In the same conclusion, “the Venezuelan people have already suffered enough. It is time for a fresh start with free and fair elections in accordance with international democratic norms. The repression of the illegitimate and kleptocratic Maduro regime must end.

“The Commercial Court is pending the non-recognition of Maduro’s Supreme Court rulings that seek to nullify all acts of the legitimate National Assembly elected in 2015,” a Guaidó government statement said.

And he continues: “Now, a few days before the inquiry was to be held, the same Supreme Court, in a judgment dated July 7, 2022, on the futility of those irrational decisions, ordered the illegal authorities of the Central Government. Bank appointed by Maduro Repay the sum of 400,000 pounds sterling to the central bank appointed by Quito. (about $480,000) was awarded to Maduro’s lawyers in December 2020, and ordered him to pay the costs (fees and expenses of the action) of the second instance and of the events and actions executed in the Supreme Court of the same court. , the amount of which will be estimated in the coming days, and it will exceed one million dollars.

Like Boris Johnson's government, the highest British court has established that justice recognizes the enemy, not Maduro, as president of Venezuela (REUTERS / Leonardo Fernandez Viloria)
Like Boris Johnson’s government, the highest British court has established that justice recognizes the enemy, not Maduro, as president of Venezuela (REUTERS / Leonardo Fernandez Viloria)

Once again, the Quito government has won in foreign courts against Maduro’s dictatorship. By recognizing its legitimacy and protecting the important assets of the Venezuelan people.

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According to the law governing the transition to democracy, these assets cannot be used or disposed of until the expropriation is stopped and democracy is restored.

In July 2020 the lengthy judicial saga gave the opposition leader an early victory, however, it was overturned by the Court of Appeal in October of the same year.

Accumulating evidence on both sides, the case reached the British Supreme Court in July 2021, which again agreed with Guaidó last December, but only partially.

Supreme British Jurisdiction established, As with Boris Johnson’s government, justice recognizes the enemy, not Maduro, as president of Venezuela.

Both appointed a rival board of directors of the Central Bank of Venezuela (BCV), which gave conflicting orders to the Bank of England about what to do with the gold.

(With information from AFP)

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