July 22, 2024

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Martin Inzaralte’s mysterious private flight to the Dominican Republic on a luxury plane

Martin Inzaralte’s mysterious private flight to the Dominican Republic on a luxury plane
A round trip to the Dominican Republic on a Gulfstream GV can cost up to $70,000.

Over the past nine years, Martin Inceralte He made 9 foreign trips on private planes, mostly to Uruguay and during the summer months. It was the last flight December 27 last year, but his destination is Paraguay. In fact, the flight made a brief stop at Asuncion and continued on Dominican Republic, Axel Kicillof’s former chief of staff went down, accused of money laundering and embezzlement after a scandal in Marbella. For that pleasure trip, Insaurralde chose A luxury aircraft, the 14-seater Gulfstream GV, very similar to Lionel Messi. As Justice advances on that plane it will find other surprises.

Insaurralde’s private flights appear on a list of entries and exits added by prosecutor Sergio Mola at the trial this week. Since 1999 there have been a total of 215 movements. Over 100 trips in last 23 years.

Lomas de Zamora is the most preferred location by the mayor in the license application Colombia. did A total of 26 journeys Three airlines to reach that destination: Avianca, Aerolineas Argentinas and LAN Chile, stop in Santiago. His ex-wife, Jessica Cirio, said in an interview with Telefi this Friday that the trips to Colombia corresponded to a family theme: “My aunt died in 2014, I have two little cousins, and I went with them for a long time. .”

However, aviation sources are promising Colombia may not be the final travel destination. “It’s an Avianca HUB (logistics center) and it’s the best stopover to travel economically to Europe,” warned a source from the aviation market.

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Second place chosen by Insaurralde America. The itinerary shows 11 trips to that country. In 2023 he made two flights. One by United Airlines, from July 15 to 18, and then on a private plane that took him to the Dominican Republic.

That trip, in fact, left San Fernando Airport on December 27, stopped in Asuncion, and then stopped at La Romana Airport, an hour and a half away. Santo Domingo, Insaurralde and his companions disembarked. “The flight to Los Angeles was empty because other passengers were waiting,” he learned. Infobay From an aeronautical source.

Insaurralde has made more than 100 trips (215 movements) abroad since 1999.

The plane was manufactured inside Gulf GV The registry is LV KAX, a luxury aircraft worth about 10 million dollars. As far as he knows InfobayA round trip to the Dominican Republic on that flight It costs up to 70 thousand dollars. In this case only one way was paid.

From Santo Domingo, Inceralt traveled to the United States on a scheduled flight, and his return to the country was completed by United on January 14. He then went on two trips to Spain (including Marbella) and to America. In total, he was abroad for 30 days. So far this year alone.

Since 1999, Insaurralde has traveled France, Germany, Panama, Paraguay, Uruguay, Chile, Mexico, Brazil and South Africa.

The emigration list enabled prosecutor Mola to identify Insaralde He traveled to Spain on September 15 on Iberia flight 6844. In this way, he would have landed in Madrid at dawn on September 16. How did you come to Marbella? Justice must request data from Spanish immigration authorities to determine whether he took a connecting flight to Malaga airport (there are several flights in the morning) or whether he boarded a private flight.

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The aviation world has been talking all week about the San Marino-registered plane that was in Ibiza and Malaga between September 16 and 18. It’s a Gulfstream G400, License Plate T7SUE. So far everything indicates that the passengers are others.

Photos uploaded by Sofia Clerici on her social networks

In evidentiary proceedings ordered on Friday by Judge Ernesto Greblok, who took over two pending cases in Lomas de Zamora, there is a request for the Local Information Unit (UIF) to contact its representative in Spain to find out if there is any suspicious activity. Reports (ROS). It means millionaire gifts Model Sophia Clerici showed on her networks.

As for the flights, Justice has so far only requested cameras from the Ezeza airport. Prosecutor Mola wants to know if Inzaralt was alone at the time Boarding an Iberia flight. “We are going to deepen the proceedings in the coming days,” said a source in the case.

Justice will, sooner or later, ask airlines for information and details of private flights. In addition to traveling to the Dominican Republic, Insaurralde did other Eight flights abroad in luxury jets.

On December 28, 2019, he traveled to Uruguay and returned on January 1 on a flight under the name Digital Aerial Services. In 2018 and 2017 he repeated short trips in December. Each of these trips cost an average of about $5,000.

In 2014, he took a week-long trip to Brazil on a private plane identified with the registration number LV-CFS owned by Sergio Vizelli. In 2013 he amassed four private jets: Three for Uruguay and one for Brazil.

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Private domestic flights are not listed. Although Insaurralde has always been mayor of Lomas de Zamora and then official of the province, those trips to the interior are counted in dozens.