February 24, 2024

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Ukraine has announced that its forces have withdrawn to the outskirts of Maringa, a town Russia claims it captured.

Ukraine has announced that its forces have withdrawn to the outskirts of Maringa, a town Russia claims it captured.
Ukrainian Armed Forces Chief of Staff Valery Zalushny spoke to reporters in Kyiv on Tuesday. EFE/EPA/OLEG PETRASYUK

The Chief of Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces announced on Tuesday that his troops had withdrawn to the outskirts of Maringa.A city in the eastern part of the country claimed by Russia.

“The fact that we have gone to the outskirts of Maringa and in some places beyond the city limits should not cause general anger,” General Valery Zalushny announced at a press conference in Kiev.

According to him, Ukrainian soldiers They are still located in the northern part of the cityBut his forces “have prepared a line of defense outside this town” to retreat to.

Maringa is “no more” because of the destruction, he said.

Russia claimed on Monday that it had captured the city, five kilometers southwest of Donetsk and the main Russian-held town in the region.

Maringa has been converted into a fortress by the Ukrainian military since 2014This was mainly when the conflict began with Moscow-led pro-Russian separatists who seized the city of Donetsk.

02/27/2021 February 27, 2021, Maringa, Donetsk, Ukraine: A soldier walks in front of a building destroyed by bombs in Maringa. Since 2014, fighting has been going on in eastern Ukraine, in Donetsk and Luhansk provinces. The area is disputed between Ukrainian forces and Russian-backed rebels. Europa Press/Contact/Diego Herrera Carcedo

Russian President Vladimir PutinMaringa celebrated the capture on Monday, saying it kept Ukrainian artillery out of Donetsk and allowed Moscow's forces “a large operational space” in the area.

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Valeriy Zaluzhny assessed on Tuesday that “Russia today has the strength to concentrate its efforts on destroying a city like Bagmut in three months,” referring to the war's longest and deadliest battle.

Russia captures Baghmut in May, also in the east. The Donbass has been besieging another stronghold in Avdiivka for months, hoping to encircle it.

“I fully understand that our fighters are doing a very difficult job in very difficult conditions,” Zalushny added.

Ukraine destroyed the Russian ship Novocherkassk in the Black Sea

The Ukrainian Air Force He said on Tuesday destroyed A Russian Navy ship It contains Black Seasuspected of carrying Iranian drones used by Moscow It contains Conflict vs Kiev.

“Large landing craft Novocherkassk” by “destroyed” Air force pilotsThe military establishment in indicated telegram.

“They say he took it Shaheeds“, The Iranian Explosive Drones Widely used by Russia vs UkraineAdded proof.

Army He did not specify the location of the attack but its commander Air Force, Mykola Oleschukreleased a video showing an explosion and a spark Russian naval base in Feodosialocated occupied the CrimeaAbout him Black Sea.

“A Enemy attack carried out in the field of Feodosia. “That sector of the port is closed,” the Russian authority pointed out telegram. He assured that “the explosion has come to an end” and “the fire has been brought under control”.

Aksionov He did not specify the type of damage, although he indicated that “occupants of several houses” had to be “evacuated.”

He later confirmed that one person died as a result of the incident. He also reported two other injuries, without specifying whether they were security forces or civilians.

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Ukraine Throw often Attacks on Crimea Specifically targeting Russian military equipment. She sank in April 2022 Moscow ShipHe flagship ship of Russian Navy It contains Black Sea.

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