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Martin Redrado, on 5G in Argentina: “We must not give a foreign power the opportunity to interfere”

Martin Redrado, on 5G in Argentina: “We must not give a foreign power the opportunity to interfere”
Martin Redrado during the Hemispheric Security Forum organized by Florida International University (INFOPAY)

Martin RetrodoThe Secretary of Strategic Affairs of the City of Buenos Aires participated in the panel “What’s next in technology and security” on the second day Hemispheric Security Conference 2023 Arranged Florida International University of Miami and highlighted the importance of both Argentina and the American continent a Transparent and sustainable digital development. He also noted the importance of not providing 5G to regimes that could be used against national and regional interests.

Statements that Red The 5G breakthrough happened at the time it was proposed China Many are awake Controversies For the power it gives Xi Jinping regime In all parts of the world, in countries that decide to adopt it.

“When it comes to cyberspace and cyber security, the old concept of sovereignty is a bit blurred. The concept of security is no longer based on the boundaries that we had earlier for integration, sharing of information, collection and sharing of data.he added. In that sense, Red The advent of this technology was promoted as “the future”. Argentina “Probably next year” will take place and insisted that the country “Make sure we don’t give a foreign power the ability to interfere in the digital economy and the information economy.”.

Incidentally, at a time Argentina “At the end of an era and, perhaps, in A foundation for a new beginning” -as he prepares to hold the presidential election- “The only way forward Facing reality with a strong microeconomic and foreign policy”, PRO presidential candidate’s adviser on strategic affairs pointed out, Horacio Rodriguez Larreta.

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“When we define what public policy should look like in Argentina, from now on it should focus on development,” Retrato emphasized, explaining that when thinking about foreign policy, they consider themselves. Three pillars: Security, Data Processing and Artificial Intelligence and Development. However, Argentina alone is not clear enough to guarantee this “transparent development”. Challenges He confronts but “it is very important to see How to Improve Security in the Hemisphere” in one piece.

Sam Howell, researcher at the Center for New American Security, and Martin Redrado, Secretary of Strategic Affairs of the City of Buenos Aires, at the Hemispheric Security Conference (Infobae).

We are going to work together to find out what the interests of the region are and what Argentina can contribute“, he added. Part of it is paying attention The lithium triangleCreated by Argentina, Chili And Bolivianand exploitation Important minerals. “We will consider how Pursue the rule of law and transparency “In supporting foreign investments coming into our country, especially when we talk about the development of the lithium and 5G sector, we will have incentives to leave added value in our country,” he continued.

This is another aspect that makes Argentina a great partner in the region Global competitivenessIt derives from Him Advanced training And his Development of 5G adoption And this Products based on knowledge economy.

In addition to the development of 5G, Redrado noted the commitment pursued by Argentina. Protect and preserve the South Atlantic and Antarctic, Strategic Zones That is -more- affected Chinese fishing and illegal activities.

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“Seeing progress for next year” as well as “The Next Ten Years”They confidently assured about the work being done in this matter.

Redrado calls for joint exercises with the US and Brazil to protect the South Atlantic and Antarctica from illegal fishing (REUTERS)

As a sign of his desire to put an end to these improper practices, he made the call Washington So, together Brazilare done Combined Exercises “For the safety and security of our economic well-being on the platform”among others.

“Argentina with the United States can return to the joint exercises between our military and Brazil – as we did several years ago – to develop everything in terms of logistics, taking Antarctica into account,” he continued. Antarctic Treaty reached 1959 By a dozen countries, including incumbents Joe Biden and Alberto Fenrández.

“Argentina wants to play an important role in this sector”He insisted.

Meanwhile, he suggested that his country should reassess its relationship “as the assessment of challenges in the region progresses.” NATOWhere is your current position? “Non-primary partner”. “We have to consider an alliance that will fund us.”Comment and, instead, proposed Formation of “Coalitions within America”. To evaluate “How to work with US Multilateral Institutions and Private Institutions – Among them Eximbank” Re-equipment of the Armed Forces And Their efforts are not only focused on “technology and the digital environment”..

“It is very important for the development of this alliance. There are challenges, many enormous challenges, and we have to take a step forward so that we can reach a new era.He concluded by assuring that All these “bring us a better and stronger hemisphere”.

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