October 3, 2023

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Massa’s Secret Agenda: Ads for the Middle Class, International Showcase and Nationwide Tour | Malena Calmarini joined the campaign team

Massa’s Secret Agenda: Ads for the Middle Class, International Showcase and Nationwide Tour |  Malena Calmarini joined the campaign team

Before going to sleep, the minister/candidate picks up the cell phone for the last time in the day and types the word “Agenda”. He presses send and immediately his secretaries send him details of what he needs to do and his duties for the next day. Little sleep, constant negotiations, non-stop travel keeps him away from home most of the week, making it difficult for him to remember everything. But next week is Monday Sergio Massa He is very clear that the strategy and communications team working for UxP will present him with a plan for the second phase of the campaign.

The head of the Treasury portfolio has already had meetings where they showed him some of the ideas, but he is making it clear. “The star will be the candidate, not the consultant”, and that, while he hasn’t taken full responsibility for the issue so far, he will do so in mid-September once he’s settled on some important issues on the economic agenda. After this journey, it is also clear that He will tour 23 provinces and the city of Buenos AiresYou still don’t know in which form.

Advertisements for middle class and international storefronts

“Look for votes, not dollars,” he suggested Lula da Silva In Brasilia on Monday, but despite the advice of the Brazilian president, Massa insists he still has several days to fully wear the candidate’s hat. The rest of the scale, he explains: Four declarations of economic activityIn addition to those already introduced by him, –two will be offered between Thursday and Friday during the Entre Ríos trip–and Travel to Madrid on September 14 Where will they meet? Board CAF’s – Massa’s main actor in these months -.

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Then it will try to split Middle East Tour, countries such as Qatar joined the CAF (formerly the Andean Development Corporation, today the Latin America and Caribbean Development Bank) with the aim of providing financing for the region. On his return, Massa promised his troops that he would travel to “24 provinces” before the elections. The clock is ticking.

The role of social networks in propaganda

The minister feels that the measures he announced this Sunday have been well received and he is happy with the reproduction of different videos on social networks. “It added 20 percent of followers in two days and all broke the view record compared to other publications,” they repeated around them. Massa has been closely following the Milei event on various social networks such as TikTok and is worried about a “paradigm shift”. He believes that no one watches traditional media anymore and politics must find new ways to reach different audiences, including the youth.

“Without the power of politics there is no power of the state, and such processes come about, which are possible only through the vacuum of politics”, they say they are close to the minister, and in this way, they talk about the need to reach agreements with other party sectors that claim democracy and institutionalism. “Consent is not fake,” they hear Massa say, explaining that “it is necessary to make clear contracts for society, otherwise, politics will not have the power to confront other institutions such as the media and the judiciary.” “If I lose, it is proof of the failure of an organization through self-destruction.”he asks again and again.

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Others, from their environment, assume that “Fear propaganda is not enough”, and you have to be careful at that time because it can be harmful. “You have to talk about Argentina coming because people are voting forward,” they suggest to Massa, he asks.

Malena’s Landing

Miter joined the team working on the street — under the Home Secretary’s watchful eye — in a campaign the minister claims to be shouldering. Eduardo “Vado” De Pedro–, his partner, Malena Calmarini. There, among others, they are working on the presidential debates on October 1 at the National University of Santiago del Estero and on the 8th of that month at the UBA Law School in CABA.

This week, the minister plans to solve the problem of temporary soybean imports, as he announced in one of the twelve videos he published, between Thursday and Friday, he will do from Entre Ríos. Two National Economic Bulletins. In the remaining four, what they say in their environment, they will aim to improve the situation Middle, middle class. Then, on September 14, Massa will travel to Madrid. Will meet there Board CAF and Latin American and Caribbean countries will vote on joining space. In that meeting, a plan to unify the Middle East countries will also be tabled. Paraguay will seek the entry of Saudi Arabia; Argentina of Qatar And they will also ask the United Arab Emirates. The issue will be discussed at a meeting in Rio de Janeiro in December. Massa is grateful to Qatar because they, along with CAF, helped him meet last month’s IMF due dates and show that the fund is no longer a lender of last resort. After the trip to Arab countries, it was the turn of the provinces.

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