February 28, 2024

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Matthew Perry Made with Valerie Bertinelli alongside Eddie Van Halen – Rolling Stone

Matthew Perry Made with Valerie Bertinelli alongside Eddie Van Halen - Rolling Stone

Matthew PerryNext Diary, Friends, lovers and the big horrible thingalready got a lot of preprints for horrific stories Perry shares about it Struggle with addiction and Near death experience in 2018. But the book also boasts some interesting Hollywood tales – like Perry’s time Valerie Bertinelli in front of her husband at the time Eddie Van Halen (Though it doesn’t seem like he was, uh, conscious enough to see it.)

Four years before he cast it friendsPerry starred alongside Bertinelli in the short-lived sitcom Sydney (Bertinelli played the titular private eye, while Berry played her over-protective cop brother.) Like many of the era, Berry was a brash for Bertinelli, inclined to admire someone who admits that he is not only “a way out of my league” but also “married to one of the most famous rock stars on the planet, Eddie Van Halen”.

Berry insists that his feelings for Bertinelli were so real that he “was his fantasies about her leaving Eddie van Halen and living the rest of her days with me”. That obviously didn’t happen, but Berry says he got as close as he could one night while hanging out at Bertinelli and Van Halen’s home.

“As the night progressed,” Berry wrote, “It was evident that Eddie had enjoyed the fruits of the vine quite a bit, again, and eventually lost consciousness, not within ten feet of us, but still.” “This was my chance! If you thought I didn’t really stand a chance in hell, you’d be wrong, dear reader – Valerie and I had a long, elaborate make-up session… I told her I’d thought about doing it for a long time, and she said it to me directly.” (Bertinelli’s representative is no longer on the spot rolling rockComment request.)

However, the suspense soon disappeared. Berry says Bertinelli “didn’t mention” makeup the next day and was “acting – as she should have – as if this was a normal day”. While Perry says he “got the hint”, he was “crushed” on the inside and endured “lots of crying nights” afterwards. Relief finally came when Sydney It was canceled and he no longer had to meet with Bertinelli.

To put the perfect arc into this tale, Berry brought a little Sigmund Freud, and connected his unrequited crush to his issues with—you guessed it—his mother. “I’ve spent my life being attracted to unavailable women,” Berry writes. “It doesn’t take a degree in psychology to know that this has something to do with a relationship with my mother.”

Apparently Bertinelli addressed the incident (with help from Taylor Swift’s “Anti-Hero”) on TikTok where she said, “Anyone misbehaving in their twenties and early thirties? Are you excited?”