March 21, 2023

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Quentin Tarantino Rejects Kanye West’s ‘Django Unchained’ Idea Claim

Quentin Tarantino Rejects Kanye West's 'Django Unchained' Idea Claim

Quentin Tarantino to reject Kanye WestClaim that he and Jamie Foxx The concept for their 2012 movie Django Unchained came to him.

West — who legally changed his name to Ye in 2021 — said he came up with a similar idea when he was initially brainstorming the music video for his 2005 song “Gold Digger,” which depicts Foxx. Ye released the official music video in 2009, which focuses on a dance montage of Foxx and Ye with different models.

Tarantino appeared inJimmy Kimmel Live” on Thursday and the host asked him: “Kanye West said he came up with an idea.”Unlock DjangoHe said that when he was shooting the “Gold Digger” video with Jamie Foxx, he showed it to you guys as a video and then you made it — is there any truth in that?”

Tarantino replied, “There’s no truth to the idea that Kanye West came up with the idea for ‘Django’ and then he told me that, and I said, ‘Hey, that’s a really cool idea. Let me take Kanye’s idea and make “Django Unchained” out of it. This did not happen.”

“I had the idea for ‘Django’ for a while before I met Kanye. He wanted to make a giant movie version of The College Dropout. [Ye’s debut studio album] The way he made the album – so he wanted to get top directors to make different tracks from the album and then release it as this giant movie – it’s not a video, nothing like videos, it was movies and movies based on each of the different tracks,” Tarantino added.

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“We used it as an excuse to meet each other and so we met each other and had a really good time. And he had an idea for a video. I think for the ‘Gold Digger’ video, he’s going to be a slave. And the whole thing was the slave story where he’s a slave singing the Gold Digger song. And he was Very funny.” Tarantino said, “It was a really funny idea.”

Kimmel interjects: “It was a funny slave video, I mean…”

Tarantino replied, “It was supposed to be sarcastic. And it’s like a huge musical. I mean, like not making any expense with him in a slave rag costume, doing everything. And then that was also part part of the reaction to it. But I hope If only he had done it. It looked really cool. Anyway, that’s what he’s referring to.”

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