May 27, 2024

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Matty Healy reacts to Taylor Swift's “Dis Track” from “Tortured Poets Oath”

Matty Healy reacts to Taylor Swift's “Dis Track” from “Tortured Poets Oath”

Matty Healy responds to Taylor Swift Section of tortured poets The track alludes to the lead singer's 1975 release.

Healy was contacted by someone in Los Angeles and asked to “evaluate” the “disc track” assigned to him.

“My dis track?” Oh!” he said in a video he shared at. “I haven't really listened to a lot of it, but I'm sure it's good.”

Hailey's aunt, Debbie Deeds, shared her thoughts on her nephew inspiring a song on Swift's double album.

“She writes about all her relationships, right? I don't think it would be a shock to him at all,” she said. Daily Mail From her nephew. “He's very happy with his new relationship, so I'm sure he'll focus on that,” he added.

In Swift's “Guilty as Sin,” the songwriter mentions someone sending her the 1989 song “The Downtown Lights” by The Blue Nile, and Hailey's band has been quoted as saying it's his “favorite band ever.”

Swift Section of tortured poets Records have been broken on Spotify. The streamer recently reported that the double album became the first album to surpass 1 billion streams in a single week, in just five days.

The previous album with the most streams in a week also came from Swift, with her latest release, midnightin October 2022.

The previous record, which Swift broke with her latest work, was the most streamed album in a single day, exceeding 200 million streams. Swift now has the top three most streamed albums in a single day, holding the previous records midnight And 1989 (Taylor version).