May 30, 2023

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May 8 Ephemeris: What happened on a day like today?

The Ephemeris of May 8 Consolidate a series of events that happened on a day such as today and Monday Day of the Virgin of LuzonPatron saint of Argentina.

The liturgy commemorates a day in 1630 that many have described as a miracle. It all started when a Portuguese landowner who lived in Santiago del Estero asked a friend to send him. from Brazil A picture Immaculate concept. When they were moved, The A cart carrying a picture stopped by itself Zelaya, Pilar District, Buenos Aires Province. Drivers felt overloaded. They removed the weight, but the carriage did not move. Then they pulled out the closet Virgin, where they were able to advance. They repeated the operation several times with the same results: while loading the religious image, the cart stopped. So they came to a conclusion Virgin He wanted to be on that shore.

Gold embroidery of threads, stones and beads is done by hand. They are not made of gold or precious materials. In a special ceremony held once a year, the maiden’s dress is changedFacebook Luj├ín in photos

The 38 cm tall statue made of baked clay is still preserved today Basilica of Lujan, which was built five leagues from the place where the small sculpture was first placed. This depiction of Amma Christ He is considered the patron saint of Argentina, which is why offerings and pilgrimages are made on this day. Temple It is houses.


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