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Mayon train, the baronic work of Lopez Obrador, who opened cracks in Mexico

CAMPECHE.- “No more passing trains!” Celebrates the Guadeloupe. “We lost, there would be no modernity!”, Ruben replied. This conflict between neighboring countries exposes two differences of opinion Mayan Rail is a tourism mega project that seeks to reclaim one of the poorest areas. Mexico.

Guadalupe CáceresThe 64-year-old, who is also suing for work legally, appreciates that the track has been redesigned and that his house, built on the edge of an unused railway in Cambodia (southeast), does not need to be vacated.

On this route, 40% of the electric train will be built, which will cover 1,554 km on the Yucatan Peninsula.

The detour is disappointing Ruben Anglo, 49, wanted to relocate to a new home and benefit from the half-million jobs the project promises.

Andrés Manuel Lopez Obrador

“Yes (modernity) will be, but not at the expense of my house,” Guadeloupe tells Ruben from the tracks of the old railroad whose construction demolished her grandparents’ house eight decades ago.

However, this humble lock worker laments: “It’s sad that all the plans are out of compost.”

President Andrés Manuel Lopez Obrador When he took office in 2018, he firmly believed that he would stimulate tourism in the passing states (Ciabas, Tabasco, Campeche, Yucatan and Quintana Ru).

Poverty in the region, 13 million people, It averages 50% and in Chiapas it is 75%. The area has places like ancient Mayan cities and pyramids, but they are far from cities or traffic is poor.

“This is an act of justice”The left-wing president says he is investing about $ 10 billion in his primary mission, one of the most important in Latin America’s development.

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The plan was rejected by environmental activists, tribals, government opponents and the former EZLN guerrilla, although the train will not pass through the more influential Chiapas communities.

Facing work 25 Legal protections Accuses of violating environmental and housing rights.

Filed by two Guadeloupe and other Campeche residents.

Under this pressure, the National Tourism Development Fund (FONDOR), responsible for the work, changed the layout: The train will no longer pass through the heart of this colonial city, a World Heritage Site, but will pass through the perimeter.

“We turned the hand of the government,” Guadeloupe declares in the courtyard of the fruit trees.

Faced with legal hurdles, in November, Lopez Obrador announced his mega-job of “national security” so that his “opponents could not stop them.” The judge warns that this would indicate that the judges are now denying the partial suspensions achieved by the plaintiffs Jose Roldan.

In addition to sections and dropouts, the train has revealed uncertainty, AFP confirmed in the area.

Nínive Suchite, 54, who travels to livestock from the Gulf of Mexico in Candelaria, 200 km from Campeche, fears he will lose his veterinary dispensary “La Granja del Tío Jorch” located on the old railroad tracks.

He looks at the machines bitterly. “When I was six I trembled for fear of climbing upstairs, and now I tremble because they were going to remove me from here.”

With what he paid for 330 square meters 15 years ago, he expects reasonable compensation as he rarely buys a meter in the commercial area today.

In a nearby evicted house, taxi driver Cuperto Garcia, 49, is waiting for compensation for his old house, which has no bonds. “It’s time they gave us a good plan.”

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The plan to “reclaim” the southeastern part of Mexico is to improve tourism in this area, which is rich in forests, beaches and mountains, as well as a seafront, a refinery and a reforestation program.

This will be an extension of the growth of the Quintana Roo (Cancun and Riviera Maya), which will receive 12 million visits this year, but the big hotels control the business.

On August 18, 2021, tourists sunbathe on the beach before Hurricane Grace hits Cancn, in the state of Quintana Roo, Mexico.  (AP Photo / Marco Ugarde)
On August 18, 2021, tourists sunbathe on the beach before Hurricane Grace hits Cancn, in the state of Quintana Roo, Mexico. (AP Photo / Marco Ugarde)

The Cancun was well-planned up to the middle class. Popular classes have nothing to do with that planning. These mistakes cannot be repeated, ”said Rogelio Jimenez Bones, director of Fonatoure, who assured that the project has” overwhelming support. “

With an estimated 31 million visits by 2021, tourism contributes nearly 8% to Mexico’s GDP.

This train promises to connect the population with business dynamics and nature tourism. It warns that “Yucatan is going to restructure the peninsula and its consequences will be long-lasting (…). It could go well or cause catastrophe.” Etienne from Bertrap, Professor of Political Ecology at University College London, Project Scholar.

In Paraiso Nuevo, the poorest part of Cantaleria where there is no drinking water, about 500 farmers have had the contractor’s excavation machine since September.

They are demanding compensation as the train, which is traveling at 160 kmph, will split the town in two. “Until the problem is solved, we will not give way to tasks!” Great mahogany. The first of seven segments of 227 km to be operational from 2023 will pass through that.

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The military will be involved in the construction of three of them, while the production of 42 trains will be handed over to the French-Canadian Federation Alston-Bombardier.

The Mexican Center for Environmental Law, which promotes a restraining order, condemns the felling of trees in protected areas and the fragmentation of ecosystems that could be turned into “biologically degraded and hospitable” areas.

It also warns of impacts on water bodies, endangered species and wetlands (when their connection with water is blocked). International standards

But the government insists these works will be built in the previously affected area.

During a tour organized by Fonatur, the AFP observed how the old rails were raised to accommodate the new sleepers. According to the organization, there is no virgin forest, but “Secondary Plants” It grew unused.

Are on the sides as well Livestock and crops, Jaguars, monkeys and crocodiles are disappearing on the horizon.

To mitigate the impact, Fonatur plans to expand the expansion of Calakmul (Campeche), Mexico’s largest tropical forest, from 730,000 to 1.2 million hectares.

It foretells a plan to restore and embrace the archaeological heritage and protect it from the influx of tourists as thousands of remains were discovered during the works.

Guadalupe Pérez, 32, at Pixoyal (Campeche) feels like he just won the lottery. Will be converted into one of hundreds of homes provided by the government. The woman who sells lunch to the construction workers dreams of a train. “I want to start a business, I want to sell food. I’m never quit. I’m always been fighting,” he sighs, wondering what his new kitchen will be like.