May 26, 2024

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The dominance of Omigran and how much to worry about

The first case of goiter in the world was reported on November 17, 2019, two years ago. New corona viruses This time he taught us that it was his prediction: his goal Cycle and reproduction You can. In the meantime, man did everything he could to fight it and not die. The struggle so far has been in favor of SARS-Cov2.

But that size may start to change. What news in recent weeks, from Omigron First discovered in Botswana? Is said More contagious, Three times larger than the delta, although there is still no definitive data on how much it can reduce The power of vaccines.

In Argentina, Ómicron is now seeking supremacy, with a. The beginning of the present: Some cases in San Luis and Crdoba. The delta, the most frightening frequency of covid disease known to date, is now running smoothly. Despite the increase in epidemics and positive rates in the country, the third wave so far, is to be expected Reduction of deaths.

Between April 1 and October 9 (end of second wave) was average 325 deaths a day in ArgentinaA total of 59,517 people were killed. From that moment to the present, rarely 1,262 people were killed. This is 21 every 24 hours, i.e. reduction 15 times Or 93 percent.

Assuming an intermediate moment, for example, when the country reached July 14 this year 100,000 deaths from Govt disease, There is a significant reduction, 109 deaths per day to date. There are more from that time 16,700 deaths.

Ómicron seems to refer to everything, but it can be very contagious Less malignant than delta, The vaccine is finally a reality in Argentina in an integrated environment, after the play it Lack In the first half of 2021.

That vaccine effectively manages to turn the cove into a handful, which is reflected in the countries ’mortality rankings. Despite the fact that there was a third strong wave of infection in Europe, Argentina Still in 13th place Global mortality rate. In other words, the regional representation of global death was more or less constant.

The history of the Govt and its statistics have changed since the moment when large numbers of Argentines believed in it. Two-dose vaccine Now three, the most vulnerable. Last Saturday Clarion This reflects a similar reality with those hospitalized for the corona virus In intensive care: Now a third of the demand, compared to the second wave.

It also agrees that people are better prepared from an immunological perspective Covit cycle. Health Minister Carla Visotti said a few days ago: “This Natural evolution of the virus. What they want is to be more contagious and less life threatening because they want to replicate us and they do not want to kill us. “What does this mean?

Gabriel Vinderola, a chemist and researcher at Gonzalez, a professor of microbiology at the Universidad National del Literal, explained: “Evolutionarily, if a virus is very aggressive, Killing the host, can not continue, The most serious and deadly versions first and then They last a little while. Prosperous are versions of viruses that spread but do not kill and thus spread. This explains why deadly viruses like Ebola are not coming out. Because it is so deadly, it does not go far. Killing the host will not allow the host Will continue to be contagious“.

A new phase “Home Cultivation” Kovit, in which the virus and vulnerable organisms cease to be enemies Live together – With proper prevention- In the best way. Not excluded from a cohabitation tensions and distrust: தெரியாதmicron does not know how talented he is, for example, or the variations that occur to him, Avoid immunity to vaccines. And to what extent.

Despite that Changes in vaccines from time to time These new challenges should not be harder than the milestone already reached for science: Vaccine against Govt released In less than a year. Within the same new empirical logic between the virus and humans, variations that violate the vaccine barrier may be on the horizon. Severe illness and death.

Experts like epidemiologist Fernando Pollock have already dared to predict that the epidemic will begin to change in 2022. A bad memory. Between valuing and capitalizing on what has passed, there will definitely be another important path to get back on this path.