June 8, 2023

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MCU Switcheroo with Captain Marvel

Back when Captain Marvel was first introduced to the public in 2019 even her solo movie And Avengers: EndgameAnd It appears the character was intended to be a big cosmic player moving forward. While Carol Danvers showed Brie Larson the a bunch of times In other Marvel properties, Carol has yet to reach the “Big Deal” position she initially seemed to be years ago.

Marvelsthat just dropped a new trailerHe aims to address this by grouping Carol with the other two large members of the “Marvel Family” – her niece Monica Rambo, aka Spectrum (aka the first female Captain Marvel), also played by Teyonah Parris; And Kamala Khan by singer Imaan Villaniaka Ms. Marvel.

Marvel Studios’ The Marvels | teaser trailer

Kamala’s Disney+ show ended with Carol being moved to Kamala’s room in New Jersey, while Kamala herself is… somewhere she’d rather not be. Every time one of the women uses her powers, the three end up swapping places with each other.

The main thrust of the film will be the trio discovering the ’cause’ of their plight, but they will also have to work out their disconnected issues and complex feelings with each other, one by one swap. Director Nia DaCosta has previously said that she aims to use Captain Marvel The sequel to make Carol feel like a fully embodied In a way it hasn’t been afforded to her in the past, the movie also has a few other characters to address – namely, Kamala is mutantAnd that’s what Monica got some ideas About Carol being such a rare part of her life.

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The MCU movies have been ensemble movies since Phase Two, however Marvels It seems like one of the rockiest partnerships in the entire mega franchise. With Kamala, Monica, and Carol swapping around the world (maybe the entire galaxy), there’s a lot of potential fun for DaCosta with the three superheroes randomly jumping from one event to the next. These things always seem doomed in the third act’s CG events, so if nothing else, this movie appears to have been made with that scene in mind from the jump.

Also starring Zawy AshtonPark Seo Joon, Samuel L Jackson, and Juice the Cat. Marvels It will hit theaters on November 10th.

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